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Olympia Magician 1

This Olympia Magician (left on the picture) has been performing for 9 years. Within that time his magic has taken him above the rest. Only 4 years into magic, he was ranked top 15 in the nation throughout his age group, and ended up taking 5th place in the world magic seminar’s Teen Stage Competition in Las Vegas. Since then he’s been named Olympia’s “Entertainer of the 21st Century.”

This Olympia Magician (right on the picture) became interested in magic at the age of 16. Seeing Penn & Teller, the famous comedy anti-magicians, caught his eye and influenced him to start a new hobby.

Practicing daily he soon became a successor to the art of slight of hand, winning the “Best in the Northwest Close-up Contest” in Portland, Oregon by doing a trick where someone picks a card, signs it and shuffles it into the deck. He then riffles the cards into the air above his head. Does a back flip, and pulls the card out of the air.

This Olympia Magician started working restaurants and doing private parties making magic his profession. While attending a World Magic seminar in Las Vegas he met his partner, a stage magician with a similar style of comedy & flair. Over the next couple of years they talked and put shows together and performed as they became better friends.

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Country United States
City Olympia
State/Province Washington
Performer Type Musical Act

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