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Curtis Eugene Lovell

Curtis Eugene Lovell, escape artist and illusionist dreamed of becoming a magician ever since a coin was magically pulled from his ear at the age of seven. He has made his dream a reality in the past twenty years.

In the Death Trap, created for a nightlife/entertainment complex in Singapore, Curtis Eugene Lovell attracted thousands of spectators and media on 18 subsequent nights when he was chained up and lowered into the Singapore river. He has performed Houdini's Cube of Death hundreds of times, including 29 times at a shopping mall in the Philippines, as well as for radio and TV publicity for USA network and news radio.

Pushing the envelope once again, Curtis Eugene Lovell was buried alive on Halloween night. The stunt attracted over 2,000 visitors, CBS and KCAL9 News stations, as well as local newspapers and radio shows including Casey Kasem Top 20.

Curtis Eugene Lovell close up

In addition, Curtis Eugene Lovell has mastered the art of close up magic, amazing millions with his sleight of hand wonders all across the USA, Thailand, China and Spain at a variety of specially designed corporate functions and private events.

Even without a helicopter from which to dangle or a swimming pool from which to be tossed, he creates a comical, personal parlor-type show that can fit into any situation he encounters. He entertains with handcuffs, mind reading effects, grand illusions and classic card tricks.

Special events planners have contracted with this magician to make mayors, guest speakers, CEOs and even the bride and groom magically appear. Curtis Eugene Lovell always asks, "now would you like them to disappear?"

Curtis Eugene Lovell appearances

Hollywood has also been keeping an eye on him. Curtis Eugene Lovell has appeared as a guest on television shows including Spike TV, where he explained how to escape from handcuffs. He appeared on the Reality TV Show The Simple Life on E! Entertainment to cut Paris Hilton in half.

He shared his insights into the movie Prestige for Direct TV. Even Gene Simmons has encountered him on the Reality TV show Gene Simmons -The Family Jewels.

He has publicly challenged magician David Blaine and psychic John Edward to public duels. Curtis Eugene Lovell is keeping the ancient art of magic alive by offering one-on-one or group magic lessons.

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City Los Angeles
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10 responses to “Curtis Eugene Lovell”

  1. La Citizen Magazine says:

    “I’m fully convinced, he is the HOUDINI, the premiere escape artist, of our time.” – LA Citizen Magazine

  2. Blade Magazine says:

    He is most likely to become a household name. – Blade Magazine

  3. Steve says:

    “We had the largest attendance to date and I know that [his] Escape Stunt and the publicity built around it was definitely responsible for the increase.” – Steve Berry, City of Grand Terrace

  4. Jean-Christophe says:

    “[He] is a one-of-a-kind performer, like Houdini and a star.” – Jules Verne Film Festival: Jean-Christophe J., Paris

  5. Lee says:

    “Your performance was delightful, entertaining and certainly professional.” – Polio Survivors Foundation: President Lee S., Los Angeles

  6. Stan says:

    “His combination of talent, looks, and drive are likely to make him a household name.” – The Blade Magazine: Stan Jenson, Hollywood

  7. Heidi says:

    “I’m fully convinced, he is the HOUDINI, the premiere escape artist, of our time. [He] has performed so many scary, daredevil escapades, including being buried alive…” – Citizen LA Magazine: Heidi Hutchinson

  8. Julia S says:

    “A wonderful time…The endless laughter and joy you brought to our guests is impeccable.” – Ascott International: General Manager Julia S., Singapore

  9. Tony Curtis says:

    “His water escape performance moved and wowed the audience and me – he is truly amazing.” – Tony Curtis

  10. Larry King says:

    “His talents will shine with the stars, and I am sure I will be seeing him around.” – Larry King

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