Olympia Disc Jockey 3




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Olympia Disc Jockey 3

This live performance Olympia Disc Jockey has 15 years experience performing as a Disc Jockey and has a tremendous knowledge of the music from any decades. He can play music from the 1920s to today's music effortlessly.

He uses an excellent EV sound system as well as a great lights show.

Olympia Disc Jockey packages

Bronze package ($495): 2 speakers with 1 subwoofer (for small parties)
Silver package ($695): 2 speakers plus 2 subwoofers (for parties, dance, weddings, etc.)
Gold package ($2,000): 4 speakers, 2 subwoofers, big lights system, 1 projector and 2 dancers (for bigger events)

This Olympia Disc Jockey has also an outstanding 15 million songs library so he can take any requests during his performance.

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Country United States
City Olympia
State/Province Washington

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