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New Orleans Disc Jockey 1

This New Orleans Disc Jockey was born and raised in the city of New Orleans. He knew he wanted to be a DJ at a very early age. The excitement he witnessed as a youngster never left him. He knew then he wanted to make people dance. He fell in love with every thing about it. He soon began learning the DJ skills from a family friend. It wasn’t long before he learned the tricks to the trade and began playing at block parties and events.

New Orleans Disc Jockey recognition

This New Orleans Disc Jockey soon started producing songs for New Orleans hottest artists like Magnolia Shorty, Big Freedia and many others. His famous hits began to get him plenty recognition in the Bounce Music Industry and he soon began traveling all over DeeJaying for Big Freedia.

His unique sound and constant remixes has him on top as one of the most requested DJ’s in New Orleans. He says “I go all over the world DJ’ing and it’s nothing like home (New Orleans) this is why I always come back home.

New Orleans Disc Jockey skills

This New Orleans Disc Jockey is now on another level with his skills. He’s producing more and embracing the new surge in the bounce industry. With all the hit bounce songs under his belt, there is no limit and no genre of music he can’t touch with that New Orleans Bounce Beat.

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Country United States
City New Orleans
State/Province Louisiana
Performer Type Musical Act

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