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DJ Kate Orange

DJ Kate Orange is a creative female DJ, vocalist, producer and a songwriter. Any barriers are incentive for her; small wins are big ones and even 3 persons on the dance floor are not a reason to relax during the performance.

DJ Kate Orange has grown up in the southern part of Ukraine from which, warmed by the tender sun, she has acquired her sunny character and portrayal of her sets. In her sets, she mixes house, tech-house and techno with her own vocal tracks.

DJ Kate Orange performances

Since 2006, when DJ Kate Orange career started, she managed to perform in the following clubs:

In Ukraine

"EGO" – Kherson, resident
"Fashion club TATO" – Kiev, resident
"Shooters" – Kiev, resident as house and lounge Djane
"Lounge club Chocolate" – Kiev, resident
"Bingo" – Kiev, resident
"Kvartal" – Kiev, resident
"Greenwich" – Kiev, guest
"PaTiPa" – Kiev, guest
"Time Out" – Dnepropetrovsk, guest
"Music Hall" – Zaporozhe, guest
"Hollywood" - Krivoy Rog, guest
"SV" – Khmelnytskyi, guest
"Karibs" – Nikolaev, guest

In the Netherlands

"Bootleg DJ cafe" – Rotterdam, guest
"SKB Underground" - Bergen op Zoom, guest
Also charity events and presentation

DJ Kate Orange recordings

During the last 2 years DJ Kate Orange produced about 20 tracks in house, synth- pop and lounge styles, and 3 videos.

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