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Los Angeles Disc Jockey 5

This Los Angeles Disc Jockey began his disc jockey career at the age of seventeen in suburban Detroit Michigan. He trained with the state's largest entertainment service and quickly became a favorite among clients in the wedding and corporate markets.

He is known for being a class act. His sophisticated style and easy-going demeanor make him popular with our clients who prefer a elegant emcee who can create a fun atmosphere without dressing up in a chicken suit or embarrassing your guests.

Though versatile enough to get your grandmother to do the chicken dance - this This Los Angeles Disc Jockey prefers a more elegant approach to your special event.

A DJ since 1987 with over 800 events to his credit, this Michigan native has become one of Southern California's most 'in demand' entertainers.
His ability to effortlessly abide & understand directives , offer creative resolutions to challenging needs, and maintain a personable level of trust with his clients, has given Jason a chance to make a difference in an industry flooded with mediocrity...

This Los Angeles Disc Jockey is a well-spoken emcee and one of the most organized DJ entertainers in Los Angeles.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California

One response to “Los Angeles Disc Jockey 5”

  1. Client says:

    “[This DJ] was outstanding! The music was perfect from beginning to end, his personality was warm, extremely professional, very respectful and not intrusive at all! He was perfect for our wedding and our crowd. He spoke extremely well, only when he had to, at all the right times, and the way he worked with our crowd was completely wonderful. Everyone loved him and I had so many of our guests comment on what a brilliant DJ he was and how perfect the music was all night. He blended in perfectly.

    We had a mixed group of people at our wedding last Saturday (July 24th) ranging from age 4 to age 80, with the majority of the guests being age 21-55.
    The music he played had most of our guests dancing all night, the transitions were seamless and the energy was great! He is excellent at reading a crowd and knowing just what direction to go.

    [This DJ] met with us a couple of time to get to know us, to get our taste in music so as to work that into our evening perfectly, and to give ideas and suggestions to be sure he was understanding exactly what we had in mind.

    I am a musician, my entire family are musicians, my husband is very big into music and so to us, the DJ was the second most important aspect of the wedding (after us getting married of course. 🙂 From the word go, we completely trusted [This DJ] , knowing he would be just right. We felt comfortable with him and knew that our entire party, from cocktails to dinner to dancing, was in great hands.

    Not only did [This DJ] meet our expectations, he exceeded them! I cannot say enough good things about [This DJ] , and I highly recommend him! We were extremely happy from beginning to end.
    – Melissa Solomon de Freitas

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