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About Los Angeles Disc Jockey 2

This Los Angeles Disc Jockey began on Valentine's Day, 2000. His background was with mixing with turntables but he quickly adjusted to Professional Compact Disc Units and now he has mastered digital mixing with a computer.

He has developed a reputation for his ability to mix different genres of music seamlessly. He is known for his ability to manage each event with a friendly attitude toward all vendors and guests. His easy-going personality with the ability to interact tastefully with all ages makes him one of our most popular and most referred entertainers.

This Los Angeles Disc Jockey was active with an improv group in Burbank, CA. This experience helps this DJ handle unexpected situations efficiently and with humor. He is active with equity-waiver productions and is comfortable in front of an audience.

He spent the last half of 2004 working as a disc jockey and cruise staff member for GALAXY CRUISES, but he prefers dry land and being close to his friends and family. This Los Angeles Disc Jockey continues to receive rave reviews from clients and wedding vendors alike with over a decade of successful events under his belt.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California

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