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Germany House DJ 1

This Germany House DJ started out in the music business as road crew for Pink Floyd on their Dark side of the Moon tour.

In the mid-eighties, a revolution began the old guard was swept away, as first the hip-hop and electro sounds from New York, and then house music from Chicago, techno from Detroit and the 'Balearic Beat' in Ibiza, were embraced by a new set of UK DJs.

Germany House DJ influence

After being heavily influenced by the Birmingham/London sound this Germany House DJ began to play small underground parties in the growing electronic and dance music scene and moving onto clubs such as Turnmills and Scala supporting Deepgroove, Jamie Anderson and Stefan Bodzin.

His mixing style combines the elements of deep house, tech house woven together in a distinct percussive and funky feel.

Germany House DJ show

This Germany House DJ now lives in Germany and host a weekly radio show every Friday & Saturday.

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