Miami Brazilian Dancers 1

  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1
  • Miami Brazilian Dancers 1



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Miami Brazilian Dancers 1

Besides its coffee, Brazil is also known worldwide for its wonderful music and outstanding musical entertainers.

But, you don't have to be "Flying Down To Rio" to enjoy all of that great entertainment. It's in South Florida, thanks to these Miami Brazilian Dancers.

No matter what kind of special event you may be planning, we can provide you with an outstanding entertainment package that will make your celebration one too long to remember.

"During my entire musical career, I have always chosen to work with the best in the business", says the president of the company. "And for me, everything involved in my musical work, has to be authentic”.

Miami Brazilian Dancers recognition

Recognized as one of South Florida's most respected entrepreneurs because of his insistence on authenticity and quality in his firm's presentations, his Miami Brazilian Dancers have been hired to perform at a wide range of events and for many of the world's largest corporations.

"Nike hired us to perform in Japan and South Korea during these soccer teams’ matches".

Miami Brazilian Dancers performances

These Miami Brazilian Dancers were also hired to perform for former President Clinton and 34 international leaders at the Summit of the Americas, Super Bowl, at the Florida Marlins championship victory party with diva Gloria Estefan, Atlantis Resort and the Crystal Palace Casinos in the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, South Korea, Japan, Guatemala, Aruba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Bermuda, El Salvador, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republican and China.

"While we usually perform at outdoor events, such as street festivals, carnivals and block parties, we can also provide entertainment for convention centers, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings and any type of corporate function" says the president of this group. These musical groups are available individually or as a combo.

An electrifying martial art that synchronizes grace, power and agility. It was brought to Brazil in the 16th century by Africans from Angola. They had to masquerade it as a dance to survive.

The Berimbau is one of the many intriguing musical instruments developed by Black culture in Brazil. It consists of a wood arch, bent by a string of metal wire; the resulting tension gives the wire a distinctive sound. The Berimbau is often used in Capoeira dance.

Another popular dance comes from Belém, at the border of Eastern Amazon; the now world-famous "Lambada". The dance - voluptuous, sensual and downright carnal - is a life-size reflection of one of the strongest aspects of Brazilian culture, one that can be found throughout the giant country: the lust for love.

A street carnival and ballroom type of dance, performed with small colorful umbrella.

Maculele, a stick and machete dance created by African slaves working on Brazilian sugarcane plantations. Maculele, originated from Africa, is mainly practiced in the north-eastern part of Brazil. It is part of certain most popular festivities, accompanying the period of harvest. Similar to Capoeira, also in this dance the performers use two pieces of wood, beating them together, following the rhythm of the atabaques (congas), while the movements of their bodies keep flowing. Until recently, Maculele and Capoeira were performed separately, but more and more they are both found during the same festivities.

Beautiful, sensual and charming girls who perform in traditional bikini costumes adorned with feathers and beads. They are accompanied by the pulsating and contagious rhythm of "Batucada" - The Rhythm Beaters. A parade of beautiful and charming dancers captures the spirit of "Carnaval" by inviting the audience to join the show. Don't be shy… join these Miami Brazilian Dancers!

Samba dancers can also perform dressed on more conservative bikini costumes. The client can even customize his/her own show.

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4 responses to “Miami Brazilian Dancers 1”

  1. EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE! the dancers made our party! thank you very much, Best Entertainment!

  2. Mary says:

    I used the Miami Brazilian Dancers for my corporate conference in Miami, everyone loved them! A great performance with true talent!!!! Great costumes!

  3. Christine says:

    “The performers were wonderful, the group leader was very polite and organized and the show was AMAZING! It truly made our prom unforgettable!! I book performances every year for prom but this one was the best!!” – Christine S.

  4. Client says:

    “Everything was great, everybody loved them” – Y.C., for a Wedding in Fort Lauderdale

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