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Las Vegas Belly Dancer 1

This Las Vegas Belly Dancer has performed as a soloist throughout the United States, Canada, Barbados, Egypt and Switzerland, She has danced at many of the top hotels, restaurants and clubs in Las Vegas, as well as performing for Celine Dion’s wedding at Caesar’s Palace, Blockbuster’s premiere opening for “The Mummy” at MGM, and Maxim Magazine’s party at the VMA’s in Las Vegas. She has appeared in several TV spots on Discovery, Bravo and the Travel Channel. She is a sought after instructor and choreographer, her professionalism and friendly personality make her one of the most requested dancers in Las Vegas.

This Las Vegas Belly Dancer's love for Middle Eastern dance began at the age of 7, a second generation belly dancer, she immediately fell in love with the passion and beauty of the dance, and knew this was her calling.

Las Vegas Belly Dancer style

Her style is unique, with an authenticity appreciated by her Middle Eastern audiences. She has diligently worked to become a well-rounded dancer in Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish oriental dance, as well as the many folkloric dances that comprise the Middle East and North Africa.

This Las Vegas Belly Dancer has refrained from studying any of the classical dance forms, such as ballet and jazz, in an attempt to maintain an ethnic purity in her dance style, yet, she continues to be a lifelong student, studying with top dancers from around the world, in a quest to expand her knowledge, and understanding of the Middle Eastern culture and dance.

Las Vegas Belly Dancer performance

Her performances are full of energy and strength, layered with fluid technique, musicality, artistic emotion and passion. This Las Vegas Belly Dancer is truly a dancer’s dancer, through her extensive training, and sheer joy from creating her art, which is evident in her smile.

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Country United States
City Las Vegas
State/Province Nevada

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