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Monique Hurteau

Thumbing her nose at her master’s degree in business, Monique Hurteau is a regular on the comedy scene. She had her start in comedy as an improviser but wanted to have the spotlight all to herself as she doesn’t play well with others (she's an only child). For those that like their comedy with an edge, her stand up is a wonderful paradox of incisive sarcasm delivered in a cute, sweet way.

Monique Hurteau origin

Monique Hurteau is a mix of Métis, First Nations and French. Appearances can be deceiving and this is certainly the case with this comedian. She loves to challenge the status quo. She says the kinds of things people think but would never admit to and definitely would not expect to hear from a woman.

Monique Hurteau feature

Monique Hurteau has been featured in The Globe & Mail and can be seen on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) as a fitness expert. Huh? She’s actually a personal trainer too. What doesn’t she do? Defy gravity (yet). She has contributed to Chatelaine Magazine and IDEA Fitness Journal. She is an experienced public speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant. Seems this lady (ha! lady, good one) can’t get enough of being in front of people and telling them what to do.

Based in Vancouver BC, she entertains audiences across Canada. Book Monique Hurteau for stand up comedy or as a fun host/emcee for your event.

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