Omaha Comedian 1




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Omaha Comedian 1

It’s what this Omaha Comedian does that makes the difference...
He is so cool; scientists say his very existence helps fight global warming....

This Omaha Comedian's clean comedy, sharp wit, impressive abilities, charm, good looks and
modesty when writing about himself in the third person narrative format make him one of
the most sought after variety acts in the country.

You'll love his performance. Safe enough for your grandparents, yet intelligent
enough for Mensa members.

With this Omaha Comedian you’ll find yourself witness to…

The world’s only “Professional Showoff”
A Second City trained comedian
Stunts with lollipops
Maniacal Mentalism
Time Shares in Western Iowa" sales presentation (optional)
Audience participation
Grudge Match-Arthur vs. Gravity
Head Scratching magic
Awkward moments of people leaving for the restroom from laughing
so hard
Instruction of how to use Yo-Yos for self defense
Hair styled by Cost Cutters®
How far one man will go to pull off an elaborate and complicated tax
evasion scheme

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Country United States
City Omaha
State/Province Nebraska

8 responses to “Omaha Comedian 1”

  1. Client says:

    “I would recommend [this comedian] to any special event.”
    -West Virginia State Fair

  2. Client says:

    “Standing room only crowds.”
    -Nebraska State Fair

  3. Client says:

    “The clever jokes were what made the show.”
    -First Data

  4. Client says:

    “Not only were you funny, but you were clean. Thank you.”
    -TCI Industries

  5. Client says:

    “He had us laughing before he even started.”

  6. Client says:

    “You must practice…a lot”
    -Cox Communications

  7. Client says:

    “The magic was great, but the audience participation was hilarious.”

  8. Client says:

    “We loved the way you made the crowd a part of the show.”

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