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Comedian 1

Living in the spotlight comes very easy to this Comedian, actor and model. With 16 years of experience in the entertainment business, he has obtained national and international exposure. He has obtained the notoriety of credits for working with well established comics in this industry. He is not far from becoming a household favorite.

This Comedian obtained a bachelors degree from Central Missouri State University in the Liberal Arts (drama & theater) with a minor in Psychology and an associate’s degree in Secondary Education from Kansas City Kansas Community College. His educational achievement and entertainment accomplishments prove that he is ready to move to the next phase of his life. He is willing and ready to continue to make his presence felt in film, television and stand up comedy venues.

Comedian credits

This Comedian's credits come from film and television appearances to even theater and stage performances. His very unique approach to comedy has been featured on show like Jenny Jones, Jay Leno, America Got Talent (season 4), HBO Comedy Festival, Starz in Black, BET Comic View, 4th season of America’s Got Talent (second comedian ever on the show.) and Comedy Centrals Comic Justice.

He exemplifies and audience appeal that landed him a spot on the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition 2004-05-08-09, 2003-04 Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend festivities. The famous comedian/actor Jamie Foxx definitely sees a sure thing with him. He has been an opener for him three times! He also was invited to Jamie’s Laffapalooza Festival in 1999 and 2000, where he appeared on stage with “The New Faces of Comedy”. This Comedian enjoyed featuring with Chris Tucker, actor/comedian on two occasions and the list continues to grow. He has also performed with music artists Brian McKnight and has been on tour with the great Percy “Master P” Miller throughout his US tour. He has also did the New York Underground Comedy festival, California comedy festival, Bay Area Black comedy competition 2001-07 and Aspen’s HBO comedy festival in 2007.

Comedian success

This Comedian is a very natural talent when it comes to comedy and acting. His creative and energetic personality will make the audience love and relate to him. He truly enjoys acting and comedy, and leaves the audience with their stomach hurting and feeling good when they leave the room. His talent has allowed him to tour Europe and South America by receiving an invitation to entertain the Armed Forces over seas. In the United States he has performed in almost ever major city you can name from Los Angeles to New York. He is vastly becoming a well-known national and international success. He is an awesome, smart, witty and handsome talent that will not go unnoticed. He can keep a crowd in stitches with his good attitude and energetic humor combination; he can bring all the laughter you need. This Comedian has made an excellent mark in this business with his own television show and is touring nationally, so get him while he’s hot and you will definitely get your LAUGH ON.

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