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Seattle Stilt Dancer 1

  • 1,506 user views 1 reviews

This Seattle Stilt Dancer is based in Seattle, Washington State and performs for the Greater Seattle Area. Nothing says "wow" like having a 10' tall stilt greeter at your event. Costumed stilt walkers...


Denver Bubble Tower 1

  • 4,306 user views 6 reviews

Home of the solar powered Bubble Tower, stilt walkers, and Giant Parade Puppets...


Heather Horton

  • 2,788 user views 1 reviews

From ping pong to a schizophrenic GPS you never know what topic Heather Horton will tackle next. This Los Angeles Comedian is a native of Anderson, SC but currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She has...


Monique Hurteau

  • 5,599 user views 0 reviews

Thumbing her nose at her master’s degree in business, Monique Hurteau is a regular on the comedy scene. She had her start in comedy as an improviser but wanted to have the spotlight all to herself a...


Omaha Comedian 2

  • 1,759 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Comedian's contagious energy keeps the audience engaged, entertained, and, most importantly, laughing. His show is a unique way to wake up those boring morning meetings, and his talent as a...


Omaha Comedian 1

  • 4,715 user views 8 reviews

This Omaha Comedian's clean comedy, sharp wit, impressive abilities, charm, good looks and modesty when writing about himself in the third person narrative format make him one of the most sought aft...


Nashville Comedian 1

  • 3,639 user views 0 reviews

This Nashville Comedian spent the early 2000s building a reputation as a professional musician in Nashville, TN. His first effort won the Nashville Scene Music Award for Best Experimental Rock. He the...


Comedian 1

  • 1,924 user views 0 reviews

Living in the spotlight comes very easy to this Comedian, actor and model. With 16 years of experience in the entertainment business, he has obtained national and international exposure. He has obtain...


Los Angeles Comedian 2

  • 1,975 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Comedian says: "Give me comedy or give me death" and since he is still alive, we will just let him continue to make us laugh as he has been doing for over 10 years. ...


New York Comedian 1

  • 1,500 user views 0 reviews

Included on the top 50 Latino Comedians in the country list, this New York Comedian thanks his Bronx upbringing for his comedic stylings. His material ranges from the familial to the political. A stud...


Orlando Comedian 1

  • 2,234 user views 0 reviews

This Orlando Comedian will have your group laughing and cheering and has he pick key people from your company to come up on stage for some good clean high energy comedy. He can make your Entertainment...


Las Vegas Comedian 1

  • 1,730 user views 0 reviews

This Las Vegas Comedian has been mistaken for just about every minority living in the US today. Some just ask. "What are you?"... Hilarious is the answer. His range of perspectives cover everything fr...