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You have probably seen a lot of musical groups but you have never see anything like this Miami Mexican Band. In total there are 15 brothers and sisters, all from the same father and mother. The group consists of 8 members, each member plays between 4 to 7 instruments and they all have the ability to sing in several languages.

Miami Mexican Band record productions

Enrigue Iglesias, in the song, "Mentiroso", (Cumbia Norteño version)
Pilar Montenegro in the song "Quitame ese Hombre"
Jennifer Peña in the song "El Dolor de tu Presencia"
also in productions of Tahlia and Gloria Estefan.

Miami Mexican Band performances

This Miami Mexican Band's performance include accompanying Juan Gabriel, (American Airlines Stadium, Miami), Gloria Trevi, touring with Shakira in Spain, Argentina, Brazil. The tour ended in New York where they filmed a segment for MTV Unplugged.

Presently they are launching their new CD with Univision Records, which will be on sale nationwide, also in Barnes & Noble, and Virgin Records. They have performed all over the world - Indonesia, Germany, Austria, Paraguay, etc.

This Miami Mexican Band's show is a musical experience for the eyes and ears -- NOT to be missed!

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