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This Mexican singer is one of the USA’s rising star singer/composers of Mexican and Latin American music. A Yale music graduate from Mexico, she has six prize winning CD’s and three songbooks to her credit.She performs an eclectic mix of special events from concerts to weddings, and schools to vocal workshops plus principal appearances with symphonic orchestras.She served as a music ambassador for Peru and Mexico in events for dignitaries, at the Los Angeles Olympics and audiences in Europe, Peru, Mexico and the USA.

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You have probably seen a lot of musical groups but you have never see anything like this Mexican group.In total there are 15 brothers & sisters, all from the same father and mother. The group consists of 8 members, each member plays between 4 to 7 instruments and all have the ability to sing in several languages.They have participated in the record productions:Enrigue Iglesias, in the song, “Mentiroso”, (Cumbia Norte??o version)Pilar Montenegro in the song “Quitame ese Hombre”Jennifer Pe??a in the song “El Dolor de tu Presencia”also in productions of Tahlia and Gloria Estefan.

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This Las Vegas Mexican Singer started singing Mariachi music at the age of 7 in her fathers restaurant located in California. She continued singing and performing throughout her teenage and early adult years for school events, private parties, and community festivals.

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Based in Albuquerque, this group will perform where ever they are called.The group has performed for hundreds of events of every kind. Performing for more than 40 weddings a year, their acoustic music is a favorite of brides from around the world who choose to have their ceremony and reception in the beautiful and historic city of Santa Fe.The group primarily performs music of the Mexican Mariachi and Trio Romantico but has developed a reputation for their magnificent adaptation of other music from various Latin American countries.

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