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This Minneapolis Mariachi is a group of musicians who play and sing traditional Mexican and Latin American music. Their specialties are guitar and voice.

They are originally from Mexico, where they grew up playing and singing traditional songs, rhythms such as “sones” and “huapangos” as well as Afro Cuban “boleros” and “joropos” from Venezuela, tunes such as “La Bamba” from Veracruz and “La Llorona” a tune from Oaxaca, and well known around the world.

This Minneapolis Mariachi has performed at most of the major colleges and universities in Minnesota and the neighboring states. They have also played for families and communities at local schools and libraries, bringing their cultural show to a variety of audiences including corporate entertainment. Their musical career includes performances in France, Sweden, Italy, and South America.

Their show is a cultural presentation of Latin American songs and rhythms, the music can be lively and happy as well as nostalgic and romantic, and the songs are presented with explanations of the meaning, roots, and origins of the music; I.e. explaining how a song like “La Bamba” has African, Native American, and Spanish roots. This Minneapolis Mariachi is as comfortable presenting a “huapango” from the sierras of Mexico as well as a “ranchera” from central Mexico, that can be danced on a “waltz” tempo. Other performances include “cumbias” from Colombia, “cuecas” from Chile, “carnavalitos” from Bolivia, and “Valses Peruanos” (Peruvian Waltzes).

Enjoy the Fiesta!!!

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