Mariachi Sol De Mexico

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Mariachi Sol De Mexico

Mariachi Sol De Mexico stands proud as the bearers of the Passion of Mariachi.
They were formed by the leader of the band in 1981. They were created to reflect the vision of an inspiring, artistic mariachi ensemble. As true representatives of a treasured cultural heritage, they are a cohesive, dynamic team who have accepted the vision to live on as the Nation's Premier Mariachi.

Individually, each musical artist of Mariachi Sol De Mexico brings a refined talent of expertise. Together, they are mesmerizing, animating the voice of their culture. With their joyful pulse this 14 member orchestrated mariachi group personify the moods of the land and people‚ÄĒreminiscent of your land, your people.

Mariachi Sol De Mexico performance

To mirror the romance, serenity and cultural tradition, this group offers traditional mariachi sounds embellished with fresh contemporary passion and powerful new rhythms. It is a deep love of mariachi and a passion for it that has brought this Los Angeles Mariachi to a superlative level of note.

Mariachi Sol De Mexico performed with

Jose Feliciano
Lola Beltran
Vicente Fernandez
Willie Nelson
Juan Gabriel
Guadalupe Pineda
The Beach Boys
Luis Miguel
Vikki Carr
Rocio Durcal
Brian Adams
Lucha Villa
Maria Conchita Alonso
Paloma San Basilio
Emilio Navaira

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