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Since 1980, this Los Angeles Mariachi Band has provided music entertainment for all audiences. They have consistently gain popularity and admiration from audiences across the Southland. Their professionalism, beautiful charro customs, and wonderful music, has been the delight of all audiences.
They have performed in thousands of events, and has been the selected musician performers for famous Latin singers. Lucha Villa, Lorenzo De Monte Claro, Pedro Infante Jr., Olga Breimskin Tito Guizarra Chelo, Los Dandys de Huicho Cisneras, Flaco Jimenez, Juan Gallardo, Beatriz Adriana, Rudy Lazcala, Mercedez Castro y mas.
The leader of this Los Angeles Mariachi has put together a group of the best musicians and performers in the Los Angeles region. Their wonderful performers, unique twenty-one complete customs add a festive touch to each of their performances.

In addition to their talent and admiration, they have captures the interest of many television and movie companies. Their participation in the movie Sargent Blink and television programs such as: Sabado Gigante Con Carmen Jara , Control, Los Angeles Al Dia, El y Ella, has proven that they are one of the most popular mariachis in town.

They are currently working in music recording, their first Compact Disc has been printed and is available now. This Los Angeles Mariachi's second recording is in process and it will be available to customers soon.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California

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