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Los Angeles Mariachi 1

This Los Angeles Mariachi group has been performing for many years in the Los Angeles area.

This group first started with members between 14 to 17 years old in Mexico in 1989. The group after 3 to 4 years was disintegrated because most of its members decided to migrate to the United States looking for better musical opportunities. 

After a few years, this Los Angeles Mariachi was reunited with the purpose of continuing performing for their fans and all of their clients.

Los Angeles Mariachi venues

This band is able to perform for special occasions such as weddings, bautismals, queceaneras, funerals, birthday parties, churches-mass, and anything the client may need the band to perform for.

They can play with the minimum group size of 4 members. However, they can perform with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and more according to what the client needs. They can take your requests and if you prefer them to perform on stage, they can do that too.

Los Angeles Mariachi price

They have very affordable prizes and they will travel to your venue. However, prizes may vary depending in how far you need them to go. This band has recorded its first CD that is now available. This Los Angeles Mariachi CD has their favorite songs and they hope that everybody will like it.

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