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Indianapolis Mariachi 1

February 10, 1999, this Indianapolis Mariachi relocated to Indianapolis and thanks to the support of both the Hispanic and American community, they were able to form a second group. This group was formed by Eduardo, Colombian trumpet player, Alberto, Mexican trumpet player, Jorge, vocals, trumpet, guitarron, and vihuela player, also from Colombia, and Cruz, Mexican singer.

Indianapolis Mariachi group

On July 25 of the present year, a third group was formed. Some female vocalists became part of this Indianapolis Mariachi group. Iris, Spanish/English singer from South Texas and Nancy, Spanish singer from Guadalajara, Mexico. Also Felipe from Zacatecas, Mexican violinist, Dudley, vihuela player, from Bluefields, Nicaragua, Jose, from Guadalajara, Mexican trumpet player and Francisco from Puebla, Mexican violinist.

Indianapolis Mariachi diversity

To this date, this Indianapolis Mariachi has acquired 12 full time members. They were the first mariachi band to be established in the city of Indianapolis. The band consists of different nationalities: Nicaraguan, Mexican, Colombian, and Puertorican, that are reflected in the rich latin flavor of their music.

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Country United States
City Indianapolis
State/Province Indiana
Performer Type Musical Act

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  1. Shaun says:

    “They were great. Thank you again for making that happen last minute.” – Shaun H.

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