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Boston Mariachi 2

Mexico's musical heritage is composed of beautiful and joyful rhythms, combined with a touch of romanticism. Mexico graciously inherited the sounds of music from mother nature; thus, it is found in its birds songs, at the soft murmur of its foliage and its sea waves, at the whistle of its wind, and at the eternal path of its streams.

This Boston Mariachi serves as an ambassador of the Mexican music. With soul and heart, it interprets the most beautiful songs of the enormous musical treasure that has placed Mexico before the world.

They are composed of seasoned musicians that one day decided to come together to offer the best of their compiled music to all audiences. This Boston Mariachi incorporates the hot rhythm of Latin music which, linked to the Mexican Son rhythm, creates a lively and contagious sound.

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Country United States
City Boston
State/Province Massachusetts

5 responses to “Boston Mariachi 2”

  1. Midge and Don says:

    Jose, the band was wonderul. People are still commenting on how great you all were. You really added to our day and made it more special. Thank you again. – Midge and Don

  2. Luisa says:

    We hired this band for our company event. These guys really bring the fiesta home! Great music, lively entertainment, fun and totally professional! – Luisa

  3. Client says:

    Fabulosos, que maravilla!!!

  4. Jane says:

    Loved it. Felt like we were back in Mexico! – Jane

  5. Dora says:

    You were great… keep up the good work. – Dora

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