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Belgium Mariachi

This Belgium Mariachi group is one of the most important Mariachi groups in Belgium. They are comprised of 10 musicians of diverse cultures. Most of the musicians have a musical education from the Conservatoire of Liege, Mons and Brussels.

In 2002, this Mariachi group was born in Toronto, Canada and in Brussels, Belgium. Their main goal is the transmission of the Mexican popular music in foreign countries.

Belgium Mariachi CD

In 2002, this Belgium Mariachi group performed in the city of Leuven. Since then, they have been very active professionally and their purpose is to bring Mariachi music in a professional manner and with a very high quality. This group is always trying to offer original interpretations to the Mariachi style. They registered their first CD in 2003, in Toronto.

This Belgium Mariachi group had the privilege of performing in the International Festival of Mariachi in Guadalajara in 2006 and both bands were honored to receive master classes from Crescencio Hernandez (director and composer of Vicente Fernandez) and of Ramon Garcia (director of the prestigious Mariachi Los Toritos).

Belgium Mariachi support

They are based in Belgium is collaborating actively with the group in Toronto. This exchange is very enriching for both groups. Invited to numerous cultural Festivals, this Belgium Mariachi group is supported by the Mexican Embassy in Belgium and Luxemburg.

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