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Mexican Lounge Musician 1

This Mexican Lounge Musician has degrees in guitar and harmony. His talent brought him to play with various groups and accompany known singers of reputation in Mexico such as Napoleon, Johnny Laboriel, Felipe Gil, Eduardo Palomo, guitarist of the comical music show Pure Crazy of Tv Azteca, musical director of Martín Muñoz (son of the late Manolo Munoz), to mention just a few.

At the beginning of his career this Mexican Lounge Musician was closely involved with the Dance and Music Company Anajnu Veatem as main arranger and instrumentalist, traveling throughout the Mexican Republic and abroad. With them he played instruments like the mandolin, balalaika, the Sitar and the Arab Lute (Oud), learning and playing music from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, India, Greece, Turkey and Europe .

In the 1980s this Mexican Lounge Musician was part of a band in Spain with which he recorded music that conveys as part of the Jewish Sefaradic culture. Because of his talent he was chosen to perform in a concert of Arab Lute at the Lebanese Center of the DF for the still president of the Mexican Republic Lic. Ernesto Zedillo (1999). For roughly 10 years (1994-2004) he performed in the “El Chisme” Restaurant, as a soloist and with his jazz band.

Mexican Lounge Musician studies

He studied various instruments related with Eastern music. In 2001 he traveled to India, where he concentrated in expanding his knowledge of the Sitar, absorbing the mysticism that sits behind this wonderful instrument and this great country. After several months of studying this musical genre in India and the Middle East, this Mexican Lounge Musician returned to Mexico and began preparing his new musical project. The project gives birth to a wide musical range of styles such as the Chillout, Lounge Buddha-Bar, Coffee of the Mar and World Music, creating a magical atmosphere with the notes of his Sitar and Oud. This music has produced a wonderful feedback from all kinds of audience and ages.

In order to make this music more real, this Mexican Lounge Musician wears original clothes of India, in addition to the rug and cushions typical for the implementation of their instruments, helping to create that magical atmosphere.

Mexican Lounge Musician CD

In April 2006, he presented his first CD to the media and the public in the prestigious place ACQUA , in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. His sponsor was the prestigious producer and senior executive at TELEVISA, Mr. Luis de Llano Macedo. This CD was recorded for the record company DISCOS CONTINENTAL and it is the directorial debut of this excellent world musician.

In 2009, he produced two additional CDs, distributed by the Company IXTLA RECORDS division of ARTHOUSE MUSIC , whose range extends at the global level, in countries such as Spain, Germany, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, to mention just a few. It has been presented with much success, both in private events and public events such as DES 2009, OPENING THE CONFERENCE OF THE DR. DEEPAK CHOPRA, AND THE GREAT FORUM, in weddings for the actor Roberto Palazuelos, Juan Soler and Maki, Wedding benítez-Cuburu ( Televisa - Tv Azteca), of the ambassador of E. U. in Mexico Tony Garza with the entrepreneur María Asunción Embassyâ s, various events in the House of Jaime Camil; Wedding of Sofia Aspe with Alejandro baillères, Wedding of the Nobel Prize for chemistry Mario Molina with Guadalupe Alvarez; in the LUNARIO of the National Auditorium in the delivery of the prizes THE MOONS , in the delivery of the GODDESSES of silver the most important personalities of the Mexican Cinema where he had contact with the famous singer REYLI , who expressed his desire to be with himin live performances. Also presented in ACAFEST 2004, to mention a few. This Mexican Lounge Musician has given concerts in Loreto square, Galleries insurgents and Perisur, libraries GANDHI and other locations. Also performed for the Embassy OF INDIA giving a concert in the Teatro Ocampo of Morelia, Michoacán, having great success in all of his presentations.

This Mexican Lounge Musician participated in the International Festival TAJÍN SUMMIT 2007 in the company of other international artists, such as the famous DJ International Ma Faiza , who expressed his wishes to include him in future projects.

He performed with much success at the Festival TAJÍN SUMMIT 2011, with international artists such as Miguel Bose and many more. He has collaborated on several recordings, such as in the disc TIMBIRICHE CHILL OUT of EMI MUSIC, KRISHNA, KALI, MISTER MISCHIEF , recorded in S.S. Creactions in Bangalore, India, and few more. Also he presented for few months in the “Buddha Bar” Mexico.

This Mexican Lounge Musician is currently preparing new materials which include topics of the sitar and the oud with music styles such as Hip-hop, Reggaeton, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Latin rhythms, as well as rhythms from India and Arab, which will be presented in his next CDs.

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