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Spanish Singer 3

This Spanish Singer is a singer born in Andalucia (Spain), as a child she knew that the stage was his life and worked in theater and in musicals whenever she had the chance. She is a versatile singer who dominate the Latin style, also she has an extensive repertoire of Mexican music with great hits.

Spanish Singer repertoire

In her repertoire, this Spanish Singer includes several musical styles in which she shows her versatility as a vocal soloist. She has shared the stage with great artists from the Spanish scene as Gisela or Nuria Fergó among others, in 2009 she was preselected to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, she has performed at major shows in Spain and luxury hotels like "Playa Canela", "Rompido Golf", "Solvasa", "Barceló", "Iberostar", "Puerto Bahia", "El Coto", etc...

In Spain she has been in bands such as "Madeira", "Blue Star", "Decade 2000", "Iguazu"... stands out, her performance for the King and Queen of Spain, and beyond our borders this Spanish Singer worked as the lead singer for the orchestra "Volare" working on luxury cruises as the "Viking Line-Mariella" between Sweden and Finland.

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