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Correo Aereo

Correo Aereo is comprised of 2 musicians that performs traditional music of Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. The male singer's high falsetto to lush mid-range voice combines with the female singer's rich, smokey vocals to create an emotional journey to countrysides and urban spaces.

Joe Compton of Dirty Linen writes, “the musical skill of this couple complements the impressive reach of their pan-Hispanic musical repertoire and marks Correo Aereo as one of the most exciting acoustic ensembles to appear in many years."

The female singer of this was born and raised in Minneapolis where, by the age of nine, she was a violin prodigy and Concert Mistress of the St. Paul Youth Orchestra. Around the same time, he was growing up in Mexico City performing bombo (drum), guitar and singing, inspired by his father's folk music group, Lacantun.

Correo Aereo meeting

Following nearly parallel paths of solo-navigation into Latin and world music, the 2 musicians of Correo Aereo crossed paths in 1991 at a flamenco party in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was in Santa Fe touring with his traditional Mexican band, Quetzalcoatl, and she was performing with the underground Compost Theater Group. The two quickly became friends sharing an admiration for some of the pioneers of Latin folk music-Mercedes Sosa, Los Cantores del Pánuco, Soledad Bravo-and fostered a musical partnership that would last more than a decade.

The recent independent release of this Seattle Latin Band perfectly captures the talents of this incredible partnership.

Correo Aereo second release has made constant headway into the hearts of the everyone who hears it. The City of Austin included one of the songs on On Any Given Evening, a limited edition CD featuring Austin’s most renowned musicians including Don Walser, Bob Schneider and The Gourds. Putumayo Records included another song on its international release Music of the Coffee Lands II.

Correo Aereo movie

Universal Pictures used one of the songs of Correo Aereo in the feature film, The Life of David Gale, directed by Alan Parker, produced by Alan Parker and Nicolas Cage and filmed in Austin, Texas. The Life of David Gale, starring two-time Academy Award®-winner Kevin Spacey, and Oscar®-nominees Kate Winslet and Laura Linney opened February 21, 2003. The film’s soundtrack features that song as well as a track from another legendary Austin artist, Toni Price. Jake and Alex Parker (sons to Alan Parker) composed the score to the film.

Correo Aereo was voted the Best Traditional Mexican/Latino Act in the Austin Music Awards and runner up for Best World Music Band in 2001.

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9 responses to “Correo Aereo”

  1. Raoul Hernandez says:

    “This is what the wind told me, starting with the acoustic insistence of Abel Rocha’s “Cuatrapeado” and heart-tugging vulnerabilty of “Golpes Tocuyanos” to the sawing, strumming “El Caimán” and delicately dancing beauty of “Carnaval.” Rocha and Madeline Sosin’s embrace on the tragic “La Mariquita,” the funereal beat of Rocha’s “De Mis Memorias,” and lastly, the playful strum and teasing palmas handshake of “Camaguán.” Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento. This is what the wind told me.”
    -Raoul Hernandez, Austin American-Statesman

  2. David Hidalgo says:

    “I liked [their] arrangements and the way they know what to leave out and what are the bare essentials to make the song, in whatever style they are playing, work. Abel, who plays the harp and the huapanguera as well as sings, is amazing.”
    -David Hidalgo, Los Lobos

  3. Marc Nolis says:

    “Remarkable fact is that Abel’s compositions Cuatrapeado and the very moving De Mis Memorias blend so well with the traditionals…. Traditional and contemporary at the same time, but most of all beautiful, very beautiful.”
    -Marc Nolis, RootsTown Music Review, BELGIUM

  4. Jeanne Claire Van Ryzin says:

    “Within the first three of the 15 songs on the CD this duo’s dexterity shines through. In “Cuatrapeado,” Rocha’s guitar builds in an ever fuller and faster crescendo for nearly two minutes before his reedy voice slides in, backed by Sosin’s sultry vocals, gradually upping the dramatic tension until the end. Switching mood and tempo in “Pena Huasteca,” the duo blend their voices together over Sosin’s plaintive violin, Rocha playing a supporting rhythm with his guitar. Then, with the traditional upbeat but minor-key Venezuelan tune “Fiesta Lllanera,” it’s instrumental virtuoso time for the duo, Sosin’s maracas providing a rhythmic velvet background for Rocha’s rapid yet lush harp playing.’

    ‘It’s that blend of contrasts that makes “Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento” a jewel. ”
    -Jeanne Claire Van Ryzin, Austin American-Statesman

  5. Joe Compton says:

    “The tandem of Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin have recorded an exceptional cassette that is worth immediate purchase by music lovers and serious consideration for acquisition by a national label. In 38 minutes it demonstrates the couple’s extraordinary musical and vocal skills that made their pan-Hispanic music such an instant hit at [1993’s] South x Southwest Conference in Austin….

    Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo has often stated that to play harp extremely well you most often cannot play other instruments. Abel Rocha calls that wisdom into question since his considerable skill on the harp is matched by his flying fingers on quinta huapanguera, guitar and cuatro. His high, affecting vocal attack often soars above Madeleine’s lower register, singing in a startling and affecting reversal of traditional male-female harmony.

    Madeleine’s strong attack on violin is a perfect match for Abel’s quinta huapanguera on “Las dos Huastecas,” a plea for peace between the musicians of two rival Mexican states (Tamaulipas and Veracruz) to get past their local pride and play music together…. the musical skill of this couple complements the impressive reach of their pan-Hispanic musical repertoire and marks Correo Aéreo as one of the most exciting acoustic ensembles to appear in many years.”
    -Joe Compton, Dirty Linen Magazine

  6. Belinda Acosta says:

    “Postcards can be like little maps. I’m not talking about those thoughtless “wish you were here” cards some people send. I’m talking about those carefully written missives which include the most distilled reflections of the sender…. The recipient can savor a time and place distinct from his own, through the muse of a trusted friend. Cards like this you save to read over and over again. The duo Correo Aéreo (Air Mail) brings the same response.”
    -Belinda Acosta, Austin American-Statesman

  7. Dirtly Linen says:

    The musical skill of this couple complement the impressive reach of their pan-hispanic musical repertoire and marks Correo Aereo as one of the most exciting acoustic ensembles to appear in many years – Dirty Linen Magazine

  8. Roots Town says:

    Traditional and contemporary at the same time, but most of all beautiful, very beautiful – Roots Town Belgium

  9. Seattle Weekly says:

    They create world music with true heart and intelligence – Seattle Weekly

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