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Tumbao is a six-piece Latin ensemble, which is known in the Northwest for their joyful and energetic performances. A unique combination of musicians allows this band to combine traditional-style salsa with modern Timba and Latin jazz. Their new CD blends the best of those musical worlds in a compelling new and clean fashion.

The artists who make up this Seattle Latin Band are Julio - piano, Dean - bass, Thomas - trumpet, Jeff - drums, Pedro - congas and Carlos Cascante - vocal.

Tumbao members

Julio started his music education at a very early age in Mexico City and completed a degree in music at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. Julio is the musical director of Tumbao. Julio is a very well known Latin piano player in the West Coast who incorporates Jazz as his vehicle for writing and performing.

Dean and Jeff, both from Washington, are well-versed in a variety of music styles, including Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Samba, Calypso and Rock. This provides this Seattle Latin Band a wealth of musical options. Jeff was also the percussionist on Jovino Santos Neto's album 'Canto do Rio' which was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2004.

Pedro, the newest Tumbao member, grew up in Cuba and brings a rich Cuban influence to the band. Pedro has toured the World and played with many great traditional Cuban artists, such as the stars of Buena Vista Social Club, Los Van Van, Sierra Maestra, etc.

Thomas is a well known Jazz trumpet player who has already recorded four of his own CD's. He has also played with an impressive roster of jazz luminaries including trumpet god Maynard Ferguson, Rosemary Clooney, the Tito Puente Orchestra, and the Chico O'Farill Orchestra.

Tumbao lead singer

Carlos Cascante leads this Seattle Latin Band with his deep love for the music. His large knowledge of all types of Latin rhythms combined with his creative improvisational talent make him one of the up-and-coming Soneros in the Latin scene. The music and performance of the band ignites the audiences and inspires them to dance.

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7 responses to “Tumbao”

  1. Press says:

    “The nice thing about [this band] is it’s not just another salsa band playing airy dance music. Anchored by piano player…the band keeps one foot firmly planted in Latin jazz as it roams various dance beats. As singer … said, during a between-sets break, ‘We try to touch a little bit of the Latin flavor and the Caribbean flavor and also keep the jazz flavor.’”
    — Tom Scanlon / The Seattle Times

  2. Press says:

    …In the flood of Latin jazz CDs, [this artist] stands out for its spirit, good humor and variety within the idiom. The singer, a Costa Rican who lives in the US, leads his quintet through montuno, salsa, chacha and other clave patterns. Over group vocals and arrangements by the band’s music director, … sings infectiously with intonation as reliable as his time…
    — Doug Ramsey / The Jazz Times

  3. Client says:

    “They are just an incredible group of musicians…”
    — Hallie Kuperman / Century Ballroom

  4. Client says:

    ‘… is a six-piece Latin ensemble that plays a variety of rhythms from Boleros to Timba and Joropo to Danzón. Their exhilarating Latin American and Caribbean music helps kick off outdoor concerts on the City Hall Plaza in a festive style. [This band] is comprised of some of the Seattle area’s finest musicians who hale from Costa Rico, Mexico, Kenmore, Panama, Puerto Rico, & Pullman. …
    — Seattle’s Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs

  5. Client says:

    I heard this band live at a friend’s party and I enjoyed these wonderful musicians immensely. They are so nice that they allowed me to play percussion with them while they were performing. They are very professional, energetic, and I could not stop dancing all night long.
    Anne C. – Olympia

  6. Jim McElroy says:

    This is a tight group that can stand alone as individual players yet when they are together, as
    they are a immense musical force – Jim McElroy, JazzReview.com

  7. CD Baby says:

    Full of life from Begining to end, singer Carlos Cascante sings salsa music, filled with elements of Timba, Jazz, Traditional Salsa and masterful solos by Grammy award nominee Paoli Mejias, Ray Vega, Thomas Marriott and Julio Jauregui. – November 2005 – CD Baby

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