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Portland Spanish Guitarist 1

This Portland Spanish Guitarist has enjoyed Mexican, Mariachi and Flamenco music ever since he was very young. His mother played records and tapes of this music all day long and when he started playing guitar. He wanted to learn these songs of timeless melody and rhythm. He loved these songs so much the he recorded a solo album selling well on itunes. One of these songs was used in a sit-com in Canada. He looks forward to recording another record like this.

Portland Spanish Guitarist performances

Back in the late seventies this Portland Spanish Guitarist was hired to play Flamenco and Spanish Folk guitar for a Spanish heritage dance program for grade schools and toured the west coast of California for five weeks. During this tour he studied with some well established Flamenco guitarists. Since he has chosen not to sing, he concentrated on his guitar skills.

Portland Spanish Guitarist affinity

He performed at a Mexican restaurant in Vancouver for more than two years and he always look forward to performing Mexican, Mariachi and Flamenco music whether it be a local establishment or in concert. It's very special and always gets attention. This Portland Spanish Guitarist performs other types of music but have a genuine affinity towards the Flamenco and Spanish style.

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Country United States
City Portland
State/Province Oregon
Performer Type Musical Act

22 responses to “Portland Spanish Guitarist 1”

  1. Dr. S.G. says:

    As an eye surgeon, I strive for a very calm and relaxing environment in the operating room. The patient needs a peaceful and non-stressful experience. [This artist]’s music when played in the operating room enhances the calming experience. I highly recommend it to induce a relaxing ambiance. Dr. S.G.

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks for making our wedding night one that I will never forget. I received numerous compliments on the overall genuine feeling of our reception. Most of all is due to well played music, in my personal opinion. Thanks again, Sam

  3. Sam and Monet says:

    I want to personally thank you again for being part of our wedding. The music was beautiful, perfectly timed and created the most warm and wonderful environment. “Here Come The Sun” will always make me tear up now! If I can ever serve a reference for you, please let me know! Best-Monet Sam and Monet

  4. Inez and Carl says:

    Carl and I want to thank you all for coming to our fund raising music night. We raised almost U$400.00! and still some friends wants to help! Like we said: Party is fun , but party with a purpose is even better! Thank you for your support and remember what the Lord says: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” act 20:35. We had a wonderful time, thank you for coming and supporting Thiago’s therapy for few months and lets get together again after our trip, we will love to show you the pictures and share about it! Have a great weekend! carinho Inez and Carl

  5. Thomas says:

    Great selection, great playing, and great presence. What more can we say! Everything was just perfect. Now you can add the Rose Garden (Portland, Or) to your venues. Thanks again. Thomas W.

  6. Tom and Kathleen says:

    Tom and I wish to thank you again for a very important part of our son’s wedding. Some of our guests are still talking about how beautifully you played-we agree! Everything that you did from the choices of songs to your flawless artistry was Perfect! Thank you! sincerely Tom and Kathleen W. August 6, 2007

  7. Stan says:

    I’m about due to order some more CD’s from you. Reminded as I have tears in my eyes just from listening to your work. I tell you… right now I am listening to Mattonya as I work. It will always be one of my all-time favorite songs that seems to cut to the heart of eliciting emotion. It is a musical portrayal of all that is good, innocent and emotional in most any images in my mind or on my screen! Thanks for your inspiration. – Stan G.

  8. Gina Schuermyer says:

    Just wanted to send on some reviews from my kindergarten class on your CD, Beyond Words that I purchased in February. Each day we listen to instrumental music to help us focus and write in our journals. Recently I have played your CD quite a bit and asked the kids what they thought. We have 28 students in our class and here are some of their comments: “It’s cool!” “It’s good music.” “It has good music.” “My brother is going to take guitar lessons.” (?? Yes, they are only 5 and 6 so sometimes want to tell a story!) “It’s very good music. The beat feels like its good music.” “I like the guitar music.” “It’s great music!” “He’s playing beautiful. I want to listen to hear it all the time.” Many of the children said it is good music. It was a great investment for me to purchase it to use in my classroom. Thanks for making beautiful, great, awesome music! – Gina Schuermyer

  9. Jeremiah and Anna says:

    What a great day we had. Thank you for the perfect (wedding and reception) music – you did a great job. Sincerly, Jeremiah and Anna

  10. Trudy Huff says:

    I have been using your music for Yoga classes in the past. Love them! This CD “Windows” is ideal for background music while we bend and stretch. Thank you so much. P.S. I keep hoping you’ll conduct a show/concert at the New Seasons Cafe in Ridgefield, Wa. Trudy Huff-Massage Therapist

  11. Michael says:

    We have hundreds of CD’s but few on the computer. Of all CD’s our favorite is “Amor.” As a matter of fact Down Mexico Way is playing right now. Thanks Michael

  12. R.M. says:

    Very soothing and relaxing music. I love it and my autistic son uses it to go to sleep with every night, he won’t sleep without it. (Pretend Dreams:Meeting CD) R.M. Fairbanks, Alaska

  13. Tricia says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time for helping me accomplish this goal I have had for so long. It feels good to have it done! I had a lot of fun… Tricia H.

  14. Journey's Books says:

    Our best selling music…most relaxing music we offer. Journey’s Books, Beaverton,m Or.

  15. Don says:

    Thanks again for playing at the AIA Vancouver Holiday party! We all thoroughly enjoyed your music. Sincerely, Don L.

  16. Josh and Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for playing your wonderful music for us on our wedding day. It was amazing. Our family enjoyed you as much as we did. Thank you also for the CD’s. We love them and are so happy to have them. It was great meeting you at Cannon Beach. It was a beautiful day. Thanks again. Take care, Josh and Sarah R.

  17. Ridgefield Community Library says:

    Thank you so much for the pleasure you provided our patrons and staff!- at our Hometown Celebration Open House. Personally, I’ve especially been enjoying your “Windows” CD, as I’m working after everyone’s gone and I’m finishing paper work and planning. Very enjoyable! Ridgefield Community Library

  18. Mike and Jen says:

    Thank you for the wonderful entertainment at our wedding! You were a big hit with all our friends! We really appreciate your professionalism, flexibility and great talent!

  19. Darlene Kerr says:

    I had the pleasure and honor of listening to you play last Saturday afternoon at John’s in Vancouver. I have heard your music and have one of your CD’s but never put the music and the person together. Not only does your music mesmerize the listener but watching you play placed me “inside of your floating fingers” (don’t laugh). This is another way of saying I “felt” your music as if I could be playing the song. You are fantastic and am looking forward to Light Out 9 CD as well as hopefully seeing you in concert. Thanks again for the honor.

  20. Chris Tyler says:

    [This artist] has performed at Borders Gresham Station several times here in early 2005, each time he has been well received. He does an excellent job both drawing an audience, as well as keeping them entertained. Chris Tyler Borders 436 Borders Books, Music, Video and Cafe

  21. Pete Pudans says:

    I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your recent performance in our cafe. I can sum it up simply by saying the music was great and the cafe full of customers were happy. That’s a perfect event for us. I wish you luck on your Borders Tour 2005 and would be happy to have you back in the future! Thanks, Pete Pudans General Manager Vancouver Borders Borders Books, Music, Video and Cafe

  22. Annette Travis says:

    …We had a small, intimate family wedding reception and he provided the most beautiful guitar music for the cocktail hour and dinner music. He went to special lengths to make sure he played the music we requested and he was incredibly nice and accommodating. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants beautiful guitar music. He is VERY talented!

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