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New York Latin Band 1

The leader of this New York Latin Band is a singer songwriter of Cuban roots heritage who fuses various elements of Latin music in his original songs and also performs classic, authentic Cuban, Salsa and selections from various other genres in Spanish, and also in English, Portuguese, and French. This singer won Best Latin Album in the Independent Music Awards 2008.

New York Latin Band performances

The leader of this New York Latin Band has performed in notable venues such as Chicago World Music Fest, Montreal Jazz Festival, NY Central Park Summerstage, Bocafest in Veracruz Mexico, Green Apple Festival Miami, Santa Monica Twilight Dance Series, Kennedy Center DC, NY Global Rhythm Festival, New Orleans Voodoo Festival, and was also musical director, songwriter and singer for Baby Loves Salsa on Rope a Dope Records/Sony. In two critically acclaimed albums, he traversed Puerto Rican bomba to Haitian compas, Cuban son to New Orleans swamp –funk creating a sound which has been hailed the world over as a “brilliant and thrilling” (Billboard) “smorgasbord of sounds that keeps listeners in a diasporic daze” (Trace). Five of his songs from both his albums have been featured in international compilations on Putumayo and Rough Guide Records.

New York Latin Band experience

While publicly the leader of this New York Latin Band is a concert artist who is exploring and combining music in a very original way (in performances and on records) for private events, he customizes performances as much as possible to the taste and budget, and flow of energy desired by the client. With over 11 years of experience in private events performance, coordination, consulting, and design, and performances at top level public concerts, festivals and venues, he is the best and most popular choice, musically and in terms of professionalism, in the New York city area for all your music needs.

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York
Performer Type Musical Act

11 responses to “New York Latin Band 1”

  1. John Debrukier says:

    “These guys make me want to shake my booty. They rock my pantalones off.” – John Debrukier, Colby College Paper

  2. John Armstrong says:

    “Good vibes…reminded me of West Africa’s mighty Africando more than once: nothing too hurried…’Hands-off ‘salsa of the best kind!” – DJ John Armstrong, Latin Vibe – UK

  3. says:

    “Using a tool-palette full of afro-Cuban styles — son, changüi, songo-funk, guaracha, and mambo — most of which are sauteed with a modern twist on a low, steady flame, [this artist] is able to justly frame the lyrics which he offers in a cool, unwavering manner.” – Descarga.Com

  4. Miguel Sirgado says:

    “Sung by [this artist] with the natural grace of the best soneros with a touch of contemporary elegance.” – Miguel Sirgado, El Nuevo Herald

  5. Rudy Manguar says:

    “A breath of contemporary flavor… with traditional Cuban rhythm and form…dynamic and highly danceable.” – Rudy Manguar, Latin Beat Magazine

  6. Ernesto Lechner says:

    “One of New York’s most intriguing voices in Afro-Caribbean music.” – Ernesto Lechner, New York Post

  7. Boston Globe says:

    “[This artist] displays a singer-songwriter’s individuality and trademark whimsy that stretches broadly across multiple styles that makes complete historical and musical sense and is utterly swinging.” – Boston Globe

  8. Ben Ratliff says:

    “Cuban music good for dancing and thinking…[this artist] vocal understatement is unusual. He formulates an Afro-Cuban music with an emphasis on songs with characters, wordplay and mild social ideas and brings together son, with New Orleans funk, Nigerian Afrobeat, James Brown rhythms, Haitian compas, New York City boogaloo and even jam-band stuff.” – Ben Ratliff, New York Times

  9. Trace says:

    “A heart stopping smorgasbord of sounds that keeps listeners in a diasporic daze.” – Trace

  10. Billboard says:

    “Brilliant. Thrilling. The groove never stops.” – Billboard All Music Guide

  11. Montreal Gazzette says:

    “Sexy and fearless Cuba-centric with great shake your booty grooves.” – Montreal Gazzette

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