Miami Latin Band 3




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Miami Latin Band 3

This Miami Latin Band has experience and has talented musicians that got together to offer the best in live music entertainment.

Miami Latin Band influences

With influences from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain and the Caribbean, this Miami Latin Band plays with the best of emotions and groove. The guitar player brings the flavors from the south part of the world. The female singer, with her sweet voice and musical talent plays percussion, and sing. The third musicians who is from Puerto Rico brings the Latin Flavor to any party on event. This band has also a large number of guest musicians (sax player, piano, dancers,and brass players). Their song list is very extensive and diverse and this Miami Latin Band brings a flavor for all tastes, from smooth Latin jazz to very vivid salsa fusion.

Miami Latin Band venues

This Miami Latin Band has performed in places like The Mandarin Oriental (Miami),The Boca Raton Resort, The Lowes, The Fountain Blue, and the Ritz Carlton and with such demanding clients they cannot put nothing but the best and they wish to do the same for your event.

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Country United States
City Miami
State/Province Florida
Performer Type Musical Act
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