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Los Angeles Latin Band

This Los Angeles Latin Band was formed in 1987 by 2 musicians. They set out to use their musical talent, honed since childhood, to create a band that would have a distinctive sound. Rich percussive rhythms, remarkably unique vocals and robust brassy horns combine to make up the powerful sound that differentiates this band.

The group is made up of a diverse group of musicians who come from all over the Latin World of music, and each adds their own special flare and flavor to the to the band.

Los Angeles Latin Band recording contract

During the late 80’s and early 90’s this Los Angeles Latin Band blossomed to become one of the premiere salsa bands in Los Angeles where they were discovered by the very talented producer Erich Bulling who signed the band to a recording contract with Warner Music. The outcome was the release their first album.

Los Angeles Latin Band credits

This Los Angeles Latin Band has had the privilege to share the stage with many major recording artists from around the world including Celia Cruz, Willie Colon, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, La Sonora Ponceña, Oscar de Leon, Daniel Santos, Willie Chirino, Johnny Rey, Grupo Niche, Guayacan, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ruben Blades, Charlie Palmieri, Poncho Sanchez, and many other great Latin Music artists. They have performed in many of the top Latin Clubs and major venues in the Los Angeles area.

With the release of their new CD, this Los Angeles Latin Band hopes to share their unique style of music with the rest of the tropical music loving world. This album has 10 songs.

To insure that this album had the best Salsa and Latin rhythms sound, one of the musicians of this Los Angeles Latin Band went to Puerto Rico and enlisted the talents of arrangers Eric, Isidro and Trombone player Jorge (who played solo’s on two of the albums singles). The record was mixed in Puerto Rico by Rei Peña (who recorded and mixed greats like Gilberto Santa Rosa, Willie Rosario, and others) and engineered by Willie Sotelo (who is very well known as the M.D. for Frankie Ruiz).

The first single is an up-tempo, tongue & cheek, fun, danceable song that the band believes will be very well received locally, nationally and internationally. The title track is a song that reaches out to those that are expatriated. It is a song which speaks to a feeling that many can identify with, that of missing your native country. We hope that you will enjoy the landscape that this Los Angeles Latin Band paints through their music.

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