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Pittsburgh Klezmer Band 1

Thank you for your interest in this Pittsburgh Klezmer Band. This ensemble has been performing and playing Klezmer music in the Pittsburgh region and nationally for 25 years. The recording artists who make up the group are truly experts on their instruments and in the style of Klezmer, Jewish and Eastern European folk music. Not only have they extensively studied Klezmer, they have taught workshops and given lectures, being on the staff of various Klezmer music seminars and conventions.

Pittsburgh Klezmer Band music program

This Pittsburgh Klezmer Band offers a variety of programming options for the festival stage, concert hall, and other events. Because of the origins of Klezmer as wedding music, all kinds of music and dance - both spirited and stately - are represented.

Up tempo dance tunes, Yiddish song - both traditional and Yiddish theater, and crossover hits into American popular culture are part of their repertoire. Since the musicians are world-class, they feature each instrument in turn with specialty tunes and their insights into the music as part of the show.

Pittsburgh Klezmer Band dance

Because of the nature of the music and make-up of the audience, more often than not, the crowd will spontaneously break into dance. If you need a little more encouragement or want some more background, they can also teach a few simple basic dances as part of the program. Please contact us to plan your event. Whether it be a multi-set concert, festival, simcha, or background music, this Pittsburgh Klezmer Band is always happy to work with you.

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