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Los Angeles Klezmer Band 1

Welcome to the exuberant, rapturous, whining, laughing, moaning, driving rhythms and melodies of 19th Century, 20th Century, and 21st Century Klezmer music.

This Los Angeles Klezmer Band is a quartet that plays traditional music from pre-1917 Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire, as well as contemporary original progressive Klezmer Music that is infused with Cajun, R & B, American Folk, Middle Eastern and Jazz rhythms and melodies.

Los Angeles Klezmer Band members

This Los Angeles Klezmer Band is made up of a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter on clarinet, accordion and dulcimer; another multi-instrumentalist and composer (composer for film and TV) playing accordion, guitar and mandolin; a musician on Middle Eastern Drums and percussion instruments; an upright bass player and guest artists on viola and violin.

Los Angeles Klezmer Band style

Klezmer is a music for dancing and celebrating. Although its roots are in the wedding dance music of the Jewish Shtetl communities of Eastern Europe, as a living evolving folk tradition, it has always drawn the music of its surrounding cultures into itself giving it new vitality, diversity and depth. Klezmer has always been an amalgamation of Jewish Cantorial music, Eastern European folk music, Gypsy, Greek, Turkish and Persian Music. This Los Angeles Klezmer Band carries on this rich multi-cultural tradition by incorporating the diverse musical styles of its members into the traditional klezmer repertoire as well as adding to that repertoire through original compositions and new interpretations of traditional material.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California

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