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Swing Fever

Swing Fever is dedicated to the music of the 1930's and 40's, playing it, as jazz critic Phil Elwood once said, as though the numbers are "on today's Hit Parade."

Swing Fever treats Swing era music as a living, breathing form to which the players bring fresh excitement, new arrangements and unusual instrumentation. Clever, fun, romantic, moody, witty – here is wonderful, classic music presented in its full emotional range.

As Jazz Now said, “This band keeps its music alive without turning it into a museum piece.” If this is the Jazz band’s mission, it is a successful one, as demonstrated by the their amazing longevity and popularity. They are in their twenty third year, having operated steadily since 1978 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Swing Fever credits

Swing Fever has played San Francisco’s Black and White Ball four times, numerous Herb Caen birthday parties, the Inaugural for SF Mayor Willie Brown, and a myriad of other civic events that have woven it into the city’s fabric and its fan’s hearts. They played three years in Kimball’s Jazz Club in SF and currently plays a lively mix of club dates and private events, keeping them a full-time enterprise for its players

Swing Fever has made two recordings. The most recent was recorded with legendary Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Tonight Show trumpeter Clark Terry. Jazz critic Groves Sales complimented it: “Among the new CDs that swamp a working jazz critic, occasionally one slides into the player drawer – and stays there with the “repeat” button on it…Every track on this CD is a ringtailed wonder…Here’s a record for all time.”

This band’s jazz festival list includes the Monterey, Los Angeles, Classic, San Juan Island, Cotati, Sacramento and San Francisco Jazz festivals.

Swing Fever tours

In 1990, Swing Fever was honored by the California Arts Council with an appointment to its touring roster. Since then their touring schedule has increased greatly, playing concert tours throughout California. They pull in jazz stars for these concerts when scheduling allows, such as one Southern California tour in January 1997 which included Tommy Newsom, saxophonist of Tonight Show fame, and ex-Woody Herman drummer Jake Hanna.

This band’s instrumentation is a bit unusual for a small-combo swing band, discarding the normal piano for a guitar, and sidestepping the trumpet in favor of a blend of trombone and two saxophones.

We feel this music is clever, fun, romantic, classy and witty. We’re crazy for it. Careful, you’ll catch Swing Fever, too.

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10 responses to “Swing Fever”

  1. Client says:

    “When we first called you we were clueless about finding just the right band. You all made it easy and were enormously helpful, creative and patient. I would highly recommend you for the respectful caring service you gave us…and there’s more… the band was even better than we hoped for!”
    Alex and Rhonda

  2. Client says:

    “Thank you all for making our wedding so memorable. We absolutely loved the music…everyone kept asking how we found you…even the event manager said you were the best band they had there all season!”
    Tom and Ruth

  3. Client says:

    “Everything sparkled – our beautiful San Francisco, two very happy newlyweds, the elegantly set up dinner party and best of all the flawless music! What can I say- you were the best, besides the most wonderful music, it was your professionalism and compassion in wanting to insure the event was perfect, that took it over the top.”
    Sam and Veronica

  4. Client says:

    “You were spectacular. We appreciated the gentle background music during dinner…all of our guests were thrilled at the chance to dance to such fine music! We will definitely be on the lookout for your future performances and will always be fans!”
    Leslie and Bob

  5. Client says:

    “You were fabulous! The music was totally awesome. Thank you for making our event absolutely perfect….we would love to have a CD to provide us with a lasting memory of it all.”
    Catherine and Theo

  6. Client says:

    “[This band] was fantastic! Perhaps the most well put together aspect of the whole wedding! They were so professional and the music was perfect. We hope they were able to enjoy themselves as well and were taken care of by our venue’s staff. I know our guests gave great comments about them. Thanks again for everything… it truly was perfect and just what we had hoped for!
    Again, we really appreciated everything!
    Mr and Mrs Garber!

  7. Press says:

    “Happy, foot-tapping and relentlessly swinging.”

  8. Press says:

    “They have their own sound and a sure, pure, easy craftsmanship.”

  9. Press says:

    “[This band]’s ensemble sound is not only distinctive, it is unique.”

  10. Press says:

    “Don’t miss [this band] the next time you see them on any schedule. Best of all, they are a lot of fun. They gave a dynamite performance from the beginning to the end. Accept no ersatz substitutes when there are bands like this digging in with such good humor and solid chops.”

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