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Lawrence Edwin

Song lyrics were always a big part of Lawrence Edwin's life. Whether writing pure poetry, copying songs heard on his older siblings records, or singing along with his brother’s guitar, seeing and expressing life through song was just normal. Yet it wasn’t until college that he finally joined his first band, singing pop dance material peppered with his own lyrics set to fellow band member’s compositions.

Lawrence Edwin style

After seeing the vocal group The Hi-Lo’s one night, jazz became the focus of his attention. Lawrence Edwin joined a vocal group, started performing locally, and self-started on the trumpet. After four years, the San Francisco scene seemed too small, and New York became his home for the next eleven years.

New York had everything to offer and Lawrence Edwin took full advantage of its challenges and opportunities. He played clubs, concerts, cruise ships, and joined other vocal groups. Latin influences quickly became apparent in his own compositions and even in his jazz performances.

Lawrence Edwin performance

Finally Paris became the logical base from which to further his career. There Lawrence Edwin sings and plays professionally with numerous groups in various musical styles and settings.

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