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Renee Fiallos

Renee Fiallos was born and raised in the Miami area where she grew up in a household filled with the fine arts. As a teenager she was exposed to the music of Eric Dolphy and decided to teach herself flute.

Renee Fiallos Chamber trio

A few years later, Renee Fiallos formed a chamber trio that worked for a number of years throughout the South Florida area. Eventually she attended MDCC Wolfson campus as a history major, while there she was the recipient of a Fine Arts Grant from the music department where she played in the chamber ensemble as a flutist and sang and played in the jazz ensemble.

After leaving Miami Dade, Renee Fiallos took time off from higher learning to pursue an interest in early music, teaching herself a variety of early woodwind instruments and to sing in Latin, Gallego, Persian and Medieval French. She formed a group specializing in the performance of music from the 8th to the 15th century. Comprised of some of South Florida's finest jazz musicians the group performed several concerts for Florida International University and participated in several seasons of the St. John's on the Bay concert series.

In 2005, Renee Fiallos was picked by internationally known composer Livio Tractenberg to be a member of the Nervous City Orchestra. Her role there was as a featured vocalist, flutist and crummhornist.

Renee Fiallos CD

This artist currently has released her first jazz release and is a working teacher, musician and singer in the South Florida area where she is in high demand. Renee Fiallos attends Florida International University and is a classics major.

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