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Dana Paul

Dana Paul is not only the singer's singer — he's the musician's singer.

His vocal wizardry and electric personality have made him one of the most talked about performers around. Dana Paul energetic style takes audiences to places that are rare indeed.

Dana Paul charm

Add to this his wonderful charm and stage presence and it's easy to see how Dana Paul immediately makes every audience feel they're being entertained in the comfort of their own living room.

Whether performing his Cabaret Show, with his Quartet, or as featured vocalist with the legendary Jaco Pastorius Big Band.

Dana Paul influences

Listening to Dana Paul you immediately hear the wide array of influences that have helped shape this great singers' style from Al Jarreau and Tony Bennett to Joe Williams and George Benson, Frank Sinatra, even hipsters, Mark Murphy and Kurt Elling.

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Country United States
City Miami
State/Province Florida
Performer Type Musical Act

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