Kate Campbell

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Kate Campbell

Recently seen in Gone Girl, and just nominated for a Maverick Movie Award for best supporting actress for her role in the feature film Badsville, Kate Campbell is a diverse performer whose immense love for storytelling, music, and art began at an early age while growing up in Northern Ontario. This passion kept her busy singing in choirs, performing in plays and studying voice all through her school career.

Kate Campbell also demonstrated a natural talent for athletics. She excelled at a national level in hurdles and was a gold medal champion at the provincial level in Track & Field. As much as she loved and was successful at sports, she turned down several athletic scholarships to study Musical Theatre Performance at Sheridan College in Toronto.

Kate Campbell projects

While in Toronto, Kate Campbell shot a number of TV and film projects, co-hosted the Latin American Awards, co-produced and starred in a hit production of Neil LaBute's The Shape of Things, and co-directed a benefit concert for St. Michael's Boys’ Choir featuring The Barenaked Ladies, John McDermott, and Michael Burgess.

In 2008, she ventured to Los Angeles where, in addition to her acting work, she has enjoyed singing with some of the industry's most incredible talents. Kate Campbell is the female vocalist for the LA-based band, the Martini Kings. She also collaborates in performance and as a lyricist with award-winning jazz musician Nick Mancini.

In the spring of 2012, Kate Campbell did a show at the Wilshire Country Club in LA with Robbie Kreiger of The Doors, and she has also performed with actor/musician Jeff Goldblum and his band the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. On December 5th, she is releasing an EP album of torch songs and standards called 'I am that Girl'.

Kate Campbell film

She is in pre-production for a feature film that she wrote called 'Boundless' about the women pilots of the Second World War, inspired by her grandmother who was a pilot. She has spent the past several years researching these woman and other women pilots across the US and Canada. Kate Campbell is on her way to obtaining her private pilot’s license in California.

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