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The Establishment

Los Angeles might not spring to your mind as the “Mecca of Jazz.” Crowded streets and sunshine seems counter intuitive to the to the strum, snare, and slow blue note raising of Stormy Weather, but thus is the role of The Establishment in Los Angelino’s culture. For a band that never strays far from the standard into the world of fusion, a night which includes The Establishment can always be relied upon to transport you from the city’s chaos back to the timeless, turbulent world of speakeasies, from a first kiss to a blue note, and the burn of an late night torch song.

The Establishment members

Boasting an occasional Latin, Blues, or Folk flare, with a compliment of everything from a trio to a big band swing, the collection of musicians who have gathered to play as part of The Establishment, are group consummate professionals educated in, practiced, and passionate about the art of jazz.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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