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The Donavan/Muradian Quintet

The Donavan/Muradian Quintet has been playing in Los Angeles and Southern California for 20 years. They completed their latest CD project in 2006 and are very proud of the results. They wanted to record tunes they love to play in a “Live” setting so the band recorded at Cafe 322 a new club in Sierra Madre. The new CD includes songs from Wayne Shorter, Benny Golson, and John Coltrane to name a few.

The Donavan/Muradian Quintet review

“This band is what it’s all about. Keep moving, keep swinging. Put this album on and just try to sit still. When this band gets in the hard bop groove it’s like driving on a wide open Pasadena Freeway. This album sounds so good you pass right by your exit, by all the exits. You want to keep on driving. Straight ahead” (Brick Wahl, LA Weekly). This band is enjoying rotation on KKJZ and DJ John Phillips says it’s “smokin”.

The Donavan/Muradian Quintet members

The Donavan/Muradian Quintet frontline, the trumpeter and the saxophonist, are two of the best players in Los Angeles and always inspire. The pianist plays with an emotion and fire that is rare. The bassist and the drummer have been working together over 25 years and supply a solid rhythmic foundation. All this helped win The Long Beach Jazz Festivals Best Mainstream Band of 2004. The Donavan/Muradian Quintet's live performances are full of Jazz classics, original compositions and they swing hard playing their own brand of “Straight Ahead Jazz”.

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