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Judy Chamberlain

Judy Chamberlain served as music director for the famed Elario’s in La Jolla, Spazio in Sherman Oaks and the Los Angeles Millenium Biltmore and as offsite concert producer for Pacific Public Radio’s KKJZ. She is a member of the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association and the Association of Bridal Consultants.

Judy Chamberlain articles

The Los Angeles Times enthused, “this artist easygoing interaction with her listeners transforms celebrations into marvelously spontaneous events,” while the Orange County Register proclaimed, “this heavenly voiced singer possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of American popular music” and KKJZ Los Angeles’ Chuck Niles called her “a walking encyclopedia of the Great American Songbook.”

Judy Chamberlain

On the spot requests are child’s play for her. But Judy Chamberlain admits to being thrown for a loop when Paul Anka wanted to know if she ever sang his classic, “My Way.” She offered him her “usual” response.
“Do I look like Paul Anka… or Frank Sinatra?”

Anka promptly re-wrote the lyrics for Judy Chamberlain, entitling the new composition “My Way, Her Way.”
“Paul said it’s free, a gift from me….just don’t record it…”

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26 responses to “Judy Chamberlain”

  1. Client says:

    “[This singer] makes magical moments like no other bandleader I have ever worked with. And that’s what it’s all about for me: magic.”
    – Kye Palmer, The Tonight Show

  2. Client says:

    “Organic, eclectic…spontaneous! Jazz singer…solidly affirms the music’s far-reaching, continuing vitality.”
    – Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

  3. Client says:

    K-JAZZ 88.1 FM, Los Angeles, CA
    “… has a voice that is fine and mellow, phrasing that is sublime and energy that is contagious… the crowd was enthralled… one talented jazz singer… ”
    – Orange Coast Daily Pilot

  4. Client says:

    Los Angeles Times
    “Heavenly-voiced singer… possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of American popular music…”
    – Steve Eddy

  5. Client says:

    Orange County Register
    “When swing singer … is in the house, the joint is always jumping.”
    – Scott Yanow

  6. Client says:

    Los Angeles Times
    “ELLA-mentary jazz!”
    – Heather Wood

  7. Client says:

    Long Beach Press Telegram
    “She makes you laugh, cry and want to dance and drink martinis all night…”
    – Ann Chatillon

  8. Client says:

    Coast Magazine
    “I don’t know how she recalls this stuff because she’s too young.”
    – Al Rudis

  9. Client says:

    Long Beach Press Telegram
    “If [she] didn’t exist, someone would have to invent her.”
    – L.T., Radio Promoter, NYC

  10. Client says:

    “[This artist] has mastered the art of mesmerizing both the audience and her own band.”
    – All Music Guide

  11. Client says:

    “[She] is an incredible jazz singer, and I say that as someone who hates jazz utterly and completely.”
    – Rebecca Schoenkopf, OC Weekly/Village Voice

  12. Client says:

    “[She] is a walking encyclopedia of the Great American Songbook.”
    – Chuck Niles, Jazz D.J

  13. Client says:

    “I’ve worked at luxury properties for more than fifteen years, and I have never, EVER seen a crowd react to a band the way the people did here tonight. They were up on their feet, cheering and applauding before the bridal party even made their entrance. And it was like that all night. I am your new biggest fan.”
    – M.L., Catering Director

  14. Client says:

    “I have never heard or seen a band that can compare with yours. I refer you to everyone who calls me.”
    – Jane Z., Photographer

  15. Client says:

    “[This artist] can read a crowd instantly. She has the same magical quality that made Sinatra great.” I love working with her because I’m never bored.”
    – Al Viola, Guitarist (27 year veteran of Frank Sinatra’s band and recordings)

  16. Client says:

    “I’ve heard a lot of singers, and most of them don’t have ‘it.’ You have it. And I know the difference; I’m a singer myself. You may very well be the best singer I’ve ever heard. I wish I could sing the way you do!”
    – Richard Chamberlain (actor)

  17. Client says:

    “Over the past decade I have officiated thousands of wedding ceremonies and without a doubt the most memorable and enjoyable ceremony I have ever officiated used [this artist] and her ensemble for both their ceremony and their reception. Versus disk jockeys and string quartets, [she] outshines them all. She offers all types of music from rock to swing. After the ceremony, I heard so many compliments from the guests as to what a treat it was not to have the typical disk jockey music. The bride also told me how [she] gave her and her husband-to-be so many tips and guidance to make their ceremony and reception an event to remember. [She] exudes the professionalism that I rarely, if ever, encounter.”
    – Reverend Michael Ahern

  18. Client says:

    “You are amazing! You are not just an amazing talent, but you were so generous with your time and abilities. The tone of the evening was set by you, and everyone was just buzzing about the entertainment. Is it too early to book you for next year?
    I really appreciate everything you did for me and the church. You helped make the entire event a huge success.
    Love, Ashleigh”
    – Ashleigh Aitken, Chair – 2010 Taste of St. Paul’s

  19. Client says:

    “We wanted to give our guests the time of their lives — actors and entertainment industry people tend to be very jaded. Ha! They nearly fainted over the music. From the minute you began the pre-ceremony selections we chose together until the end of what turned into a wonderfully exuberant party, they had a blast! Actually, we think someone really did faint — but that was much later.”
    – T.M.

  20. Client says:

    “[This singer] is an original. She sings ‘At Last’ better than Etta James. When she sings songs I’ve heard before, it’s as if I’m hearing them for the first time. She makes them totally her own. And when she sings songs I haven’t heard before, she draws me in and I’m captivated by the lyrics and melodies. She sings wonderful songs. Everyone who was at our daughter’s reception told us how much they enjoyed the music. Nearly a year later, we’re STILL getting compliments about the band.”
    – Shari Lightstone, Phoenix, AZ

  21. Client says:

    “I am absolutely thrilled. You did exactly what you said you were going to do, all of the Louis Armstrong numbers and every single song I asked for. I knew you were going to be good, but you exceeded my wildest expectations.”
    – Frank K.

  22. Client says:

    “I think the second best decision I ever made was hiring you. The first one was deciding to marry the boy.”
    – Emily Ogle

  23. Client says:

    “…we want to thank you again for making our party so special. You and the band really captured the mood we wanted to create. Everyone to a person raved about the musicians and your singing. Needless to say we will look forward to the possibility of bringing you all back for a future event. Thanks so much! I got to hear ‘Summer Wind’ twice – a real treat – and your sax player’s John Wayne imitation, to boot.”
    – Robert Spira

  24. Client says:

    “[This artist] and the band performed at my Old Hollywood style wedding in May 2007. Their performance summed up in one word? AWESOME! They were a major contribution to the elegant ambiance. She helped me choose the ceremony music when I told her I didn’t want the traditional wedding march. She was an incredible MC and could read a crowd better than any other wedding band I’ve ever seen.”
    – Alina Peters

  25. Client says:

    “You were incredible. You gave me everything I wanted and did it so beautifully. You sang ‘At Last’ as though it was the first time rather than the 5,782nd time. The way you did ‘The Very Thought Of You” was so perfect. I had a wonderful night — everything went right. The music was classy and exciting. Fabulous voice, wonderful energy. The way you commemorated my grandparents’ sixtieth anniversary by telling the story of their first meeting and then playing ‘their song’ from all those years ago was absolutely beautiful. Nobody who heard and saw that will ever forget it.”
    – Erica Self

  26. Client says:

    “Anyone who is lucky enough to have [this artist] for a special event is getting a unique and authentic commodity, not some retro imitation of swing and jazz music. She could make Aretha Franklin jealous. She is very talented. What I like most about [her] is how she plays to a crowd. Whether she’s playing to 10 or 1000, she can completely capture an audience. Her performance is always wonderful. I do production for a large music venue in Los Angeles, and have heard a lot of bands. We are real music lovers, and almost everyone in our family has been a professional musician at one time or another. Our friends all love to dance. When we hired [this artist] to do our wedding they warned us: ‘This had better be good.’…and the band just blew them away. All night, people asked us, ‘Where did you find a band like this to play for your wedding?’”
    – A.T.

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