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Sandra Grant

From the growling on the Tenor and Alto Saxophones, to the smooth and sweetness in her Flute performances, Sandra Grant will knock your socks off right from the start! It's not hard to see why the audience at her gigs push forward to see and listen to her! Whether it's her raw and powerful improvisations on the Tenor, her wild natured tones on the Alto or the organic sounding sweetness of her Flute she will "Blow Your Mind!"

Probably the most amazing thing about Sandra Grant, is how she can cover any style of music: Jazz, Latin, Blues, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Calypso, Rock, Pop, Asian, House, Techno, Drum & Bass, (and even genres not yet invented!)... with such comfort and ease and then take it to the next level!

Sandra Grant appearances

Her television appearances have included Top of the Pops, Terry Wogan and Blue Peter. She was also the resident soloist on Channel 5's Club Class! Amongst that, Sandra Grant has toured all over the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Holland, Denmark, Hungary, and the Caribbean (including a series of concerts in New York USA).

She has performed and recorded with The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, The Kushite Jazz Quartet and The Brainwash. Despite all Sandra Grant is an extremely grounded and approachable musician. So don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Sandra Grant performances

She has performed with DJ's at night clubs such as Heaven (Charring Cross), Fire (Vauxhall) and the Supper Club (Nottinghill Gate), as well as performing at Casinos such as The Barracuda (Baker Street, London), The Colony Club (Hertford Street, London), Maxim’s (Palace Gate, Kensington, London), Crockfords (Mayfair, London) and The Casino at The Empire (Leicester Square, London).

Sandra Grant performs in Churches, Jewish events, Indian ceremonies; in jazz venues such as The Old Barge in Folly, Hertford, The Peahen in St Albans, The Mill Hill Jazz Club; at festivals; in restaurants and at weddings and corporate functions. She performs on both Alto and Tenor Saxophones, Flute and Vocals. When performing with a DJ, she plays on Alto Saxophone. At Indian weddings Sandra Grant usually performs only on Flute as its tone captures this genre perfectly.

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