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John Anthony

John Anthony is a musician, songwriter, and all around entertainer. Born and raised in New York, he traveled across the U.S. and Canada working with several different lounge acts.

In 1970 John Anthony decided to stay in New York and concentrate on a solo career. While back in New York, he trained with the finest coaches the city had to offer. In 1973 he joined the New Christy Minstrels as their lead singer. Time spent with the Christy Minstrels afforded him the opportunity to work large venues at home and around the globe. Some of the most notable were:

· The White House
· Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in Canada
· Main Show Room at the Sahara Las Vegas
· Harrah’s Reno and Tahoe
· The Sydney Opera House in Australia
· Numerous Radio and Television Shows

John Anthony show

Taping the Mike Douglas show in Philadelphia, Mr. Douglas referred to John Anthony as, "New York's answer to Tom Jones." Soon after, the group disbanded, he
returned home to devote more time to song writing. He soon found his way into A1 Sound Studios in Manhattan where he developed his production skills.

Missing live performance, John Anthony reached out to artist representative Evelyn White who found a spot for him as a featured singer with the Guy Lombardo Orchestra. The new Opportunity put him back on stage. After a year of one-nighters across the U.S. and Canada, highlighted by the Guy Lombardo New Years Eve Show on C.B.S., he realized that to be recognized in this industry, he would have to go out on his own as a featured act.

John Anthony's debut at Lake Geneva's Playboy Club in Wisconsin won rave reviews. Playboy catered to a high end clientele and had a string of clubs around the world so it seemed that he had found the perfect vehicle to get his career back on track. Unfortunately, the Playboy organization not showing a profit in a year, decided to shut down operations. With the music industry making radical changes, he didn't see any way he could adapt. It would be one of the toughest decisions he would ever make but in 1990 he decided to call it quits.

John Anthony CD

In 2003, John Anthony could see a spark of light emitting from the business he had always loved! Quitting proved to be easier than getting started again. In 2007 he recorded his new CD. Showcasing his ability to cross over into any style of music he picked 12 songs originally made popular by different artists, over a fifty year period.

John Anthony has offered to front the Mastocytosis and EDS Foundation in a series of Concert tours touring the U.S. and Canada, the first of which was held in Washington DC on 11-16-08 at the French Consulate Theater, La Maison Francais. This time he is here to stay.

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