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Frank Lamphere

Frank Lamphere performs all over the United States. He has had great success performing at restaurants, nightclubs, weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, concerts, anniversaries, dinner-shows, country clubs and larger venues including:

• Performing Arts Center of the College of DuPage
• Egyptian Theater in DeKalb, Illinois where Frank Lamphere headlined with a 16-piece big band in the show he wrote • The Flame of Countryside where he was the vocalist for the renown Johnny Gabor Trio
• Peninsula Hotel, Chicago where he fronted the jazz trio Friday nights in 2003
• Jilly's Naperville

Frank Lamphere is considered a top flight recording artist with his recordings being played on jazz stations around the country. He has recorded with several Big Bands and also with his own quartet.

Frank Lamphere options

Trio- The most basic of all accompaniments. Piano, bass, and drums. Intimate and classy. Quartet- He is backed by his "killer" rhythm section piano, upright bass, drums, and either guitar or saxophonist.

6 piece Band- He is backed by his core 4 piece rhythm section (piano, bass, guitar, drummer) and trumpet and saxophone.

8 piece Band- He is backed by 4 piece rhythm section, 2 saxophonists (tenor and baritone/alto), trumpet and trombone. Recommended for the variety and fullness.

10 piece Band- Frank Lamphere is backed by the 8 musicians as above and adds another trumpet and saxophone.

18 piece Big Band- Here we assemble 5 piece rhythm section (add percussionist), 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, and 4 trombones. Using near identical arrangements to those Frank Sinatra used to record many of his biggest hits (Fly Me To The Moon, Night And Day, I Get A Kick Out Of You, etc...) This is Las Vegas quality.

Wedding package #1
Cocktail Hour - Jazz Trio Dinner - Pre-recorded music with his 6 piece band

Wedding package #2
Cocktail Hour - Jazz Trio Dinner - Pre-recorded music with his 8 piece band

Wedding package #3
Cocktail Hour - Jazz Trio Dinner - Pre-recorded music with his 10 piece band

Wedding package #4
Cocktail Hour - Jazz Trio Dinner - Jazz Trio with his 18 piece Big Band

Wedding package #5
Cocktail Hour - Jazz Trio Dinner - Pre-recorded music with his Quartet

Wedding package #6
Cocktail Hour - Jazz Trio Dinner - Pre-recorded music with this Chicago Jazz Singer's All Star Trio

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Country United States
City Chicago
State/Province Illinois
Performer Type Musical Act

9 responses to “Frank Lamphere”

  1. Client says:

    “Just thought we’d take the opportunity to thank you one more time for the sensational job you and the band did at our anniversary party at Old Orchard Country Club on January 15th.
    We’re still getting calls and messages about how great the music was that night. And, people are still waxing amazed at the quality of the work, both your singing (and emceeing), and the absolutely terrific players you had.
    Indeed even the facility’s bartender pulled me aside at the end of the night to thank me, for having you gentlemen to play. Turns out she’s a serious jazz lover and was veritably sent to heaven by the music. Her comment: “You wouldn’t believe the junk I have to stand here and listen to every week… thank you for bringing these guys here.” I don’t think it could be said any better than that.
    On top of all that, you were most pleasant and professional to work with and we’re looking forward to doing it again.
    -Mary Jo and Bill

  2. Client says:

    “Thanks for putting on a great show and for the fantastic efforts of your group”
    -Rick Howe

  3. Client says:

    “Your music was timeless and will remain in our hearts forever”
    -Dennis and Lorise

  4. Client says:

    “… I can’t remember when I have enjoyed myself so much. Your swinging interpretations of the music of Martin, Darin and Greco. Superb! And a wonderful trio of musicians backing you. I will definitely be seeking out your venue next time I’m in Chicago!”
    -John Vertigan – Radio Sport 927 – Melbourne, Australia

  5. Client says:

    “Terrific…Just what we wanted and more”
    -George and Frances

  6. Client says:

    “…[This singer] was a professional right from the start; responsive and diligent in returning calls and answering our questions. His musical repertoire was unmatched. A great voice and great musicians! It was like going back in time 50 years when the music was all that mattered. [This singer], as well as his musicians, truly love what they do and bring that passion to their performance. Since we have Italian heritage it was unexpected surprise was that [this singer] can sing in fluent Italian and not miss a beat. Lets face it some songs are meant to be sung in native Italian. Contemporary songs were performed with an equal amount of mastery. [This singer] was also very easy to work with during the reception and was a great master of ceremonies…
    -Richard Rizzo

  7. Client says:

    “.. The band truly set the mood for our wedding reception – classic and elegant. We were so pleased with the package that you put together for us for the evening. The solo pianist was so very talented during both cocktails and dinner – even so much as taking song requests from our guests. And what a way to celebrate our wedding and close the evening than with the 9 piece band! Even weeks after, the compliments and memories are still flooding in from all of our guests. We are sure you will be called upon in the future for another family event. Thank you so much for delivering above and beyond our expectations – we couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful addition to our wedding day!”
    -Tony and Jackie

  8. Client says:

    “I didn’t get a chance to say it before the end of the night, it was all such a whirlwind, but you and the entire band were wonderful and couldn’t have been a better pick for my sister’s dream wedding. I want to thank you for contributing to such a great night.”
    -Tiffany Charles

  9. Client says:

    “Thank you for adding such a lively atmosphere to our daughter’s wedding”
    “You fullfilled our every expectation”
    “Classic and classy truly apply to you”
    -Tina Walsh

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