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Assaf Kehati

Assaf Kehati is a Jazz Guitarist and a Composer based in Boston. He arrived to the USA in 2007 and after a short time he has made waves in the jazz scene by working with such names as Ran Blake (piano), George Garzone (sax), Eli Degibri (sax), Ziv Ravitz (drums), Will Vinson (sax) and legendary drummer Billy Hart (Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery) and by performing in such venues as Blue Note, NYC, Regattabar, Boston, Washington DC Jazz Festival, MuzEnergo (Russia) Jazz Festival, New England Cable News and Eric Harvie Theatre, Canada.

Assaf Kehati albums

Assaf Kehati has recorded two CDs. His compositions are inspired by the daily and trivial, yet wonderful and significant experiences of life: from a winter, snow-laden view of Fenway Park from his apartment porch, to the mundane but satisfying life of a snail, to a girl seeking love in a land beyond the oceans, and to a story about the universal character who travels the world like a gypsy to places like Africa, the Middle East and the Pyramids in Egypt.

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Country United States
City Boston
State/Province Massachusetts
Performer Type Musical Act

14 responses to “Assaf Kehati”

  1. Yair says:

    “I went back to the first album and realized that it’s really speaking to me. I found in it a lot of beauty, sensitivity and intelligence that is not typical to young artists, especially not on their first album”. – YAIR SPIEGEL, THE SIDEMAN.

  2. HifiMusic says:

    “[This artist] was revealed not only as a talented player but also as an experimenter – [he] was tapping on the guitar making interesting notes, sounds and rhythms and his guitar has began to function as two instruments”. – HIFIMUSIC.CO.IL

  3. Jon says:

    “Don’t Attack” was another varied piece, beginning with rubato ballad tempo and reaching a high point as [this guitarist] moved a fast repeated eight-note pattern up and down the fretboard against Hart’s slow, steady roll. This was a group sensitive to the pieces they played and to one another”. – JON GARELICK, BOSTON PHOENIX.

  4. Josh says:

    “Sometimes it’s hard to keep things fresh and keep the listener engaged when there is no polyphonic harmony going on behind the soloist; this is not a problem for [him]”. – JOSH SAGER, FRETTERVERSE.

  5. Kevin says:

    “[This artist’s] quartet grabs a page from the glory days of the ECM label. His band features a marvelously spacious sound, austere yet melodic soloing, group interplay that’s scarily telepathic and all-stars at every position”. – KEVIN CONVEY, BOSTON HERALD.

  6. Thomas says:

    “Airy and melodic and floating and free.”.- THOMAS CONRAD, STEREOPHILE (2011)

  7. Eyal says:

    A 12-minute suite, the mysterious “The Most Beautiful Flower,” and the shorter “Don’t Attack” and “Invisible Green,” feature patient and thoughtful development of the compositions through collective interplay”. – EYAL HAREUVENI, ALL ABOUT JAZZ (2011)

  8. Martin says:

    “This recording has really captured my imagination ”. (about Flowers and Other Stories) – MARTIN Z. KASDAN JR, LOUISVILLE MUSIC NEWS (2011)

  9. Ian says:

    “This is music that manages to be simultaneously oothing and adventurous.” – IAN MANN, THE JAZZ MANN (2011)

  10. Adam says:

    “A real delight from start to finish.” – ADAM BARUCH, JAZZIS (2011)

  11. George says:

    “He’s clearly thought about what it is he has to say, and so in the moment he’s coherent, articulate, each note and gesture building a larger context of meaning and expression”. – GEORGE GRELLA, THE BIG CITY (2011)

  12. Grego says:

    “Impressive ears and flawless technique”. – GREGO GAPPLEGATE EDWARDS, GAPPLEGATE GUITAR AND BASS BLOG (2011)

  13. Richard says:

    “Thoughtful and thought-provoking music that attracts one with its melodic framework, its dynamic variations and strong instrumental work from all involved”. – RICHARD B. KAMINS, STEP TEMPEST (2011)

  14. Dan says:

    “Intense and passionate guitar improvisations”. – DAN ROMASCANU , THE CATCHER IN THE SAND (2011)

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