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Tampa Irish Singer 1

This Tampa Irish Singer hails from the great city of Boston, MA, where Irish culture and Irish music are a huge part of every day life. He was a sought after performer in many popular pubs before moving down to the Bay area and the sunshine two years ago. He credits his mother with the love of a good song, and enjoys nothing better than sharing the music with all types of audiences. Private parties, pubs, special events are all within his realm with an up to 4 hour tailored show with no repeat songs.

Tampa Irish Singer songs

This Tampa Irish Singer plays the best of the Traditional sing-a-longs, like Wild Rover, Finnegan's Wake, Drunken Sailor, Black Velvet Band, and a good mix of newer songs from the Flogging Molly's, Gaelic Storm, and Wild Colonial Bhoys. His show is very interactive and energetic and he guarantees to have your crowd clapping and singing along in no time! Share the spirit. Share the stories. Share the music.

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Country United States
City Tampa
State/Province Florida
Performer Type Musical Act

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