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Miami Irish Singer 1

This Miami Irish Singer, a native of Ireland, is one of the greatest Irish traditional fiddlers alive today. He learned his music from his father, a renowned fiddle and concertina player from County Clare. After years of careful study and practice, he began his recording and touring career at age sixteen. That year he won first place in the prestigious "Fiddler of the Year" competition and recorded his first album, a duet with his brother.

Miami Irish Singer tours

Since that time, he has toured Europe, the US, Canada and South America, and was a member of several influential Irish groups, including "Patrick Street" and the legendary folk group "Planxty." This Miami Irish Singer was a presenter of the "Pure Drop" series for Irish TV and has appeared several times with the Grammy award winning Irish group, "The Chieftains." In the US, he has performed several times on Garrison Keillor's national radio show, "A Prairie Home Companion."

In recent years he received the prestigious "Florida Folk Heritage Award" as well as the "Florida Individual Artist Fellowship in Folk Arts Award." This Miami Irish Singer is currently the TG4 Irish traditional musician of the year, having been awarded the "Gradam Ceoil TG4 2006 Irish Musician of the Year" award in recognition of his outstanding musicianship and contributions to Irish music (TG4 is Ireland's Irish-language TV station).

Miami Irish Singer albums

He has 18 albums to his credit and recently released his latest recording. He is currently working on a teaching DVD for fiddle students, as well as compiling his over 800 compositions for publication. This Miami Irish Singer continues to tour with some of Irish music's leading accompanists.

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Country United States
City Miami
State/Province Florida

8 responses to “Miami Irish Singer 1”

  1. P.J. says:

    “[This artist], master fiddle player, has produced a recording that is a must for music lovers, students and musicians.” – P.J. Crotty

  2. Alex Morgan says:

    “You couldn’t wish for better fiddling in the Irish style.” Alex Morgan – The Living Tradition Magazine

  3. Christine Cole says:

    “He is one of the top 10 fiddlers in the world.” – Christine Cole, Orlando Sentinel

  4. Earle Hitchner says:

    “No performer eclipsed the brilliance of Dublin born fiddler… The apparent ease with which [this artist] played masked an astonishing level of virtuosity. His ornamentation always served the melody, lending a near-pointillist tough to tunes through idea rich phrasing and an unerring tempo. He knows the difference between finesse and flash, preferring to elicit the structural soul of a tune rather than “sell” it superficially through an overheated technique. [This artist’s] playing over the weekend conveyed the absolute essence of Irish traditional fiddling and Irish traditional music together” – Earle Hitchner, The Irish Echo

  5. Fintan Vallely says:

    “[This artist’s] show was profound: perennial variation in pieces tantalisingly teased to ecstasy. His unique bell-like tone was scooped from the strings with a breadth-suspending calmness, his lazy rolls and delayed triplets flicked off the fingerboard, folding like poured honey into a luxurious resonance. Here is one of the most deceptively calm personalities in traditional music. He takes the listener out on a country walk, but before they know it they are in full flight on a roller coaster” – Fintan Vallely, The Irish Times

  6. Dermot McLaughlin says:

    “[This artist] is widely recognized as one of Ireland’s leading traditional fiddle players.” – Dermot McLaughlin, Traditional Music Officer, Irish Arts Council

  7. Tony MacMahon says:

    “As a virtuoso violinist and exponent of Irish Traditional Music, [he] ranks among the very best in Ireland today.” –Tony MacMahon, Senior Producer, Radio Telefis Eireann

  8. Mick Moloney says:

    “…is one of the most outstanding Irish musicians of this or any generation.” — Dr. Mick Moloney, Musician and Folklorist, New York University

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