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Dublin 4

Authentic Irish music requires no Irish holidays for Dublin 4. The rapid rise of this Irish-born band has had them performing non-stop from California to Las Vegas; even back to their roots in Dublin.

The music is strictly traditional in style, resonating with a younger, almost eclectic generation. Dublin 4 has a clear vision of what music they choose to play and how they distinguish their craft. The Los Angeles Times wrote, "More authentic than green beer and as rich as a pint of Guinness. A SHOW NOT TO BE MISSED!!!”

Dublin 4 album

There ye’re” is the title of Dublin 4 long awaited 2nd CD release…and is what coined the title (translates from Dublin slang to “There you are.”). Fans eagerly anticipated the new material after the initial pressing of their debut CD sold out.

The latest CD brings yet another new audience to Irish music, only to be enhanced by live shows scheduled for 2006. This is evidenced by their increasing fans base and popularity. Since the release of “There ye’re,” Dublin 4 has been inundated with requests to perform at private events, major fairs and celebrity parties across the country.

Ironically, Dublin 4 credits their almost comedic “passiveness” towards viral components and word-of-mouth rather than going through “mainstream” channels to achieve their rising status. Most of the bands’ awareness is through exposure at shows where a traditional Irish music act may never have been on the radar. Additionally, their increased awareness has come from the implementation of popular Internet radio play lists.

Dublin 4 credits

For example, Glenn Campbell surprised this Los Angeles Irish Band onstage at a recent gig in Los Angeles and Peter O’Toole sang with them at a show the night before he was to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oscars. Dublin 4 most recently has been charged to open for the legendary Peter Frampton and headline a stage for four days at the Los Angeles County Fair. The exposure will not only bring new fans to this band but to authentic Irish music as a whole. This is where the band receives their biggest reward.

The music of Dublin 4 is as it presents itself, an old traditional style of Irish melodies lead by fast playing guitars with melodic leads leaping from traditional Irish instruments and the lyrics themselves.

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