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Kansas City Irish Band 1

The members of this Kansas City Irish Band are loaded with years of experience and talent. Their ability to combine their past experiences and deep understanding of where Irish music has been, bring it full circle with new ideas mixed with time-honored traditions. It truly makes for a very exciting performance experience.

Kansas City Irish Band instruments

This Kansas City Irish Band variety of instruments: fiddle, guitar, mandolin, flute, button accordion, whistle, bones, bodhran and bass combined with happy and haunting vocals pay homage to the true spirit of Irish music. The tunes are driven with deliberate purpose. The songs are sung with a passion that will weave the hearts and minds of any audience into the fabric of the story found in every set of lyrics.

Kansas City Irish Band tradition

This Kansas City Irish Band believes in the strong tradition of Irish music and the community that it brings together. Each set of tunes they play and ballads they sing is a chapter offered to the great collection of music played for hundreds of years inside and outside of Ireland. It continues the passage of the Irish music tradition on to the next generation one note and word at a time.

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Country United States
City Kansas City
State/Province Missouri

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