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Hungarian Irish Band 1

This Hungarian Irish Band has given more than 180 performances on the many prestigious festivals and in several well-known clubs all over Hungary and Central Europe, in the last two years, like Sziget Festival (HUN), Colour Festival (SK), Castellans Folksommer Festival (GER), Break The Border Festival (AUT), Beltine Festival (CZ), Lee’s Palace (CAN), etc. Their concerts have always been accompanied by euphoria and jubilance.

In May, 2009, Universal Music released this Hungarian Irish Band's first album that became Golden Record within a year. They got nominated - in the category of `The best Hungarian world music album' - for Hungarian Grammy Awards 2010.

Hungarian Irish Band album

A compilation album was released by Reedo Records in 2009 in Germany. With one of their songs, this Hungarian Irish Band became a member of such an honorable company of folk-punk bands like The Levellers, The New Model Army, Flatfoot56, Fiddlers Green, Mr. Irish Bastard and other well-known bands.

Their second album was released in November, 2010 and their started their tour. This Hungarian Irish Band entertained audiences in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and also got invited to Ireland to represent Hungary during her EU Presidency.

Hungarian Irish Band tour

This Hungarian Irish Band has been invited to a Canadian Tour on St Patrick's Week 2011 and they played on such cult stages as once the Nirvana, the Oasis and Sum41. Their success in Canada has reached out to an invite to another Canadian Tour and a US Tour for 2012.

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